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False Bay’s Great white sharks on Earthflight

By | January 28th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

"Earthflight" showcases spectacular sights revealed to you through the eyes of a bird. Check out this amazing video footage in Earthflight by John Downer Productions, shot exclusively with African Shark Eco-Charters. See the "flying" Great Whites of False Bay during 0:59 - 04:19 in this video. John Downer Productions will be joining ASEC again this year to film a new show. We will keep you posted.

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HERE IS AN OVERVIEW OF OUR "AIRJAWS" TOUR. The AIRJAWS Tour is a shark cage diving, and breaching trip. We want you to have a personal experience, which is why we have purposely chosen to avoid the mass market route and only take small groups of 8-12 people. Putting sharks first, with our "first do no harm", approach makes us the perfect choice when choosing a shark diving operator. AIRJAWS refers to the great white shark breaching behaviour. It is one of the hunting techniques that great white sharks use to surprise and kill its prey. They  surface with such force and explosive energy that it propels the shark right out of the water, hence called AIRJAWS. The best time is just before and at sunrise and mainly at certain area’s around the island and only for a few months of the year. This behaviour is absolutely awesome to witness [...]

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Great White Sharks: Magnificent, Mysterious & Misunderstood

By | January 28th, 2012|News Articles|

Dirk Schmidt, the author, spent countless hours with Rob Lawrence at Seal Island, False Bay. Rob, being one of the most knowledgeable people on great white sharks shared his knowledge with Dirk, as he spent more time learning more about great white sharks . This book confronts many of the stereotypes around Great Whites, and tries to present a more rounded, complex picture of this feared apex predator. I address not only some of the well-known facts about Great Whites, but also explore little-understood aspects of their behaviour.  "Fresh, informative and educational with great images, Dirk Schmidt’s sequel to his first book, The Great Whites of False Bay, is a positive book that will have you wanting to see them up close and personal.’ Rob Lawrence, African Shark Eco-Charters  

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Boulders Penguin Colony

By | January 27th, 2012|News Articles|

BOULDERS PENGUIN COLONY During our Great White Shark cage diving and breaching trips, we frequently see a number of bird species, including the African penguin. Situated just around the corner from the seaside village of Simon's Town, the Boulders area has become world famous for its thriving colony of African penguins. [pullquote]This species were formerly called Jackass Penguins as their call resembles that of a donkey's bray.[/pullquote] The Boulders area falls under the protection of the Table Mountain National Park, which also incorporates Table Mountain and the Peninsula mountain chain from Signal Hill to Cape Point. Although it is set amongst a residential area, this is one of the few sites in the world where this vulnerable bird species can be observed wandering freely in close proximity in a protected natural environment. Foxy Beach forms part of the main breeding colony of African penguins, and is the main viewing [...]

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What is chumming?

By | January 20th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

CHUMMING What is chumming? Chumming is a type of scent trail that that attracts fish, sharks, etc, to an area, or boat. It may be man made or natural.  An example of a natural scent trail is a seal colony, bird colony, a dead whale or seal carcass even dead birds. [pullquote]Another good example of a man made scent trail created when fish are cleaned on a daily basis at a fishing harbour or beach and boats pumping there bulges.[/pullquote]An example of a man made scent trail would be for an example, fisherman using mashed up anchovies/pilchards with marine oil and salt water to attract fish and or small shark species to the boat in order to catch them. Another chum would be small cut pieces of sardines dropped off the boat to get shoaling fish like yellowtail or tuna up to the surface to make catching them more successful. [...]

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