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Save our great white sharks

By | July 27th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Educate yourself! If you haven’t seen this amazing movie yet, do yourself a favour and watch it! Sharkwater is written and directed by Rob Stewart and it is a visually stunning documentary on the very real horrors of the global and ever more lucrative shark-finning industry as well as an exposé into the corruption and exploitation of sharks that takes place in various marine reserves in the world. Sharkwater details the journey of one charismatic man whose love and passion for sharks turns into a life-long quest to protect them. Experts estimate that 38 millions sharks are killed annually for the sole purpose of their fins for shark-fin soup in Asian market. These fins are often cut off while the shark is still alive and the rest of the carcass is wasted and thrown back into the water. The demand for shark fins has increased dramatically in the past few [...]

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Dolphins Galore in False Bay

By | July 26th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Common dolphins are frequently seen on our Great White Shark trips and are widely distributed in the offshore waters along the entire coast of South Africa. There are two species of common dolphin, the long-beaked and short-beaked common dolphin. The main species that we see on our trips is the long-beaked common dolphin. Physical Description & Colour Common dolphins can easily be identified by their bright, colour-contrasting patters. The sides are light grey in colour behind the dorsal fin, and a yellowish-tan colour in front of the dorsal fin, which creates their distinct hourglass pattern. The back is dark grey-to-black in colour, stretching from the top of the head to the tail, and dipping to a V on the sides below the dorsal fin. The belly is white in colour. Common Dolphins have slender but solid bodies, with a long beak and a pointed triangular-shaped dorsal fin located in the [...]

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Playful great whites makes shark cage diving fun

By | July 26th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

  A great white shark glides past the boat. Our sleepy morning guests may wonder how the ASEC crew members are able to motivate themselves to work at 6 am each morning. For me, beautiful days like today make the early mornings worthwhile. The water was incredibly still as we bobbed about under a lovely False Bay sunrise, waiting for the great white sharks to hunt. The hunting activity was fairly quiet, but we did see a wonderful aerial breach on a group of seals and a breach on another boat’s decoy. We then anchored for a morning of epic shark cage diving. We saw sharks from quite a range of sizes, from 2.5 m to 4.5 m. At Seal Island we rarely see great whites greater than 5 m or less than 2 m. This means we are not seeing very young sharks, which are not large [...]

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Great White Sharks-Survival of the fittest

By | July 25th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Cage diving with African Shark Eco-ChartersSurvival of the fittest The process of evolution through natural selection or global events (i.e. ice ages, volcanic eruptions, asteroid strikes, and human driven extinctions) has claimed the fates of many species and species groups over the millennia. Sharks, however, stand out as one of the few families to survive both cataclysmic events and the slower genetic process of natural selection. Sharks are one of evolutions most classic and enduring success stories. The earliest ancestors of modern sharks can be traced back about 425 million years, which is 200 million years before the earliest known dinosaurs! However, don’t confuse ancient with being primitive.  Sharks have gone through the process of adaptation and evolutionary experimentation as well. The modern descendants of ancient sharks have incorporated many of the successful traits of the past.  They have changed over time, but the changes have not been too extreme, [...]

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Seal Island, False Bay, The coolest place to see Great White Sharks

By | July 13th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Great White Shark up close to our boat, Blue Pointer II. © RJ Petrie Just Livin’ the Dream in False Bay! Hello avid great white shark lovers! We had an amazing time Saturday on the Blue Pointer 2 in False Bay. It was a cold start at the pier in the early morning, but as soon as we made it to Seal Island it was obvious that the sharks had shown up with an appetite. We witnessed multiple predations, including a few full breaches.  Flying sharks! Seal Island is the only place on Earth where great white sharks attack in this manner in such dense numbers and so often. White sharks rely almost completely on sight to hunt; they attack seals from below with such force and speed that the impact propels them out of the water and into the air. White sharks have a very high kill success rate, estimated to [...]

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