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“Shark Cage Diving”

By | August 14th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

“Shark Cage Diving” Reviewed August 3, 2012 Although the waters were a little too merky for diving (we did it anyway and got a single glimpse of a shark underwater), the above water photos and experience were still worth the trip. These guys are excellent at what they do and were able to get us three sharks to "breach" and several more close enough for some great photos.

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“Friendly and to be trusted.”

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“Friendly and to be trusted.”[pullquote]he was in the safe hands of the crew.[/pullquote] Reviewed August 6, 2012 We have just got back home after a brilliant holiday in the Western Cape. The undoubted highlight was our trip to see G W Sharks! My 11 year old son was desperate to shark dive, and I was very happy just to see the beautiful sharks. So one of the crew (Naomi) dived with him. Me and my wife had no anxiety about him at all, as we felt he was in the safe hands of the crew. Even with a 4m leviathan face to face with him!!! Thanks to all at ASEC. Darren.  

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Filming Flying Great White Sharks

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Filming Flying Great White Sharks, by Brandon Kilbride   Howdy Folks, African Shark Eco-Charters had the awesome opportunity of working with a film crew from the BBC for 10 days and the highlight of this was shooting Great White Sharks in 3D, Yes 3D. The show is going to be  in 3D and will more than likely come out in the UK on the BBC 3D channel. Shooting in 3D can be very challenging so here is the insight into what goes into filming Great Whites in 3D. First of All the Cameras you use need to be 2 of the Same camera’s and for every shot they have to be perfectly aligned, the team uses a few mathematical calculations to determine the distance between the 2 camera’s, this can make or break getting that EPIC shot of a Great White Shark breaching. The used 2 types of Camera’s a [...]

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Chasing Shadows – The Art of Filming Great Whites

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Chasing Shadows – The Art of Filming Great Whites. By Naomi Pleizier Television and film have made the sharks’ breaching at Seal Island an iconic natural phenomenon, but little do viewers know the time and effort that goes into filming these spectacular events. This past week we had a film crew on our boat, Buel Pointer 2, and we experienced once again all the heart and energy that goes into filming the flying sharks.   The first thing that amazes me is the volume of equipment that a film crew lugs onto the boat. Pelican case upon Pelican case of wires, cameras, and computers, not to mention bags of tape, coils of rope, rigging, and decoys that are all carried on and off the boat each day. The next thing that amazes me is the time spent on getting those shots. Consider that for a five-minute segment in a nature [...]

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Whats so great about the great white shark?

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What’s so great about the Great White Shark? There’s something very special about the Great White Shark.  Over 400 species of sharks are known to Science. Each and every one of them is fascinating in its own special way.  Yet in the public’s imagination, only one shark species looms larger than all the others combined….. The Great White! The Great White is a veritable ‘superstar’ among sharks.  It has come to represent the very epitome of sharkiness and is the ‘hands-down’ favorite of virtually every shark enthusiast. What makes the Great White Shark ‘Great’?  I think it comes down to a combination of 4 qualities: It is a very large animal, growing more to more than 20 feet (6 metres) in length and 2 tons in mass.  We humans are intrinsically awed by sheer size and a full-grown Great Whiteis certainly an impressive animal. The Great White is an apex shark, [...]

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Great White Sharks mysterious migration

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Migration is one of the great mysteries of the animal kingdom that continue to elude scientists worldwide. While this phenomenon is witnessed in all major animal groups, including birds, mammals, insects, crustaceans, fish, reptiles and amphibians, surprisingly little definitive knowledge is understood about its mechanisms and specifics.  Broadly, migration refers to the large scale movement of an animal group from one place to another.  However, the reasons or triggers for such movements are varied; including seasonal changes in weather patterns and food availability to breeding behaviour. There is even something called irruptive migrations within certain species, which are migrations that don’t display any discernable pattern or reason for animal movements.   Migration can include species or individuals that must migrate, called obligate migrations, or can include facultative migration, where there is a choice to migrate or not. Migration can vary further between sex and age within a population and can be [...]

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Great Whites sharks Seal Island in False Bay is unbelievable!

By | August 4th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

False Bay: Full of life and ready to entertain you! The past few days at Seal Island in False Bay have been unbelievable! After the strong storm over the weekend, dawn broke Monday morning on the water to a beautiful sunrise over the mountains and a very welcomed warm, sunny day. We started the morning with an amazing breach on our decoy by one of our favourite and most well-known great white sharks, ‘Cuz’. The breach was a full, out of the water hit on our fake seal, leaving all guests and crew on board the Blue Pointer 2 jumping and screaming with joy. The spectacular breach was followed by a close viewing of a Southern Right Whale. Southern Right Whales are endangered species, which makes every sighting special. The whales start coming into False Bay around this time of year and are very easy to approach by boat due [...]

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The great white shark called Madiba

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MADIBA Howdy Fellow Sharkies…… So you all probably wondering I have headed this Blog MADIBA….Well here it goes. MADIBA is the nickname not only to our ex president Nelson Mandela who birthday we celebrated on the 18th July 2012 but also to a shark that was tagged  as part of the OCEARCH tagging project. This shark was tagged on the 8th March 2012 up the coast in Mossel Bay. This shark payed us a visit 2 weeks ago, meaning this animal has swum more than 300km down the coast to Seal Island. Over 35 sharks were tagged. This is the first shark for us to see that has been tagged  in the project . I find the information coming out of this project extremely interesting and if you would like to follow the tracks of the sharks please visit the following site: One of the sharks has swum all the [...]

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