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Great White Shark breaching – “Great trip, can’t wait to go back!”

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“Great trip, can't wait to go back!” "We went in May and had a couple of reschedules due to weather. Make sure you plan your trip put there early on your vacation so that you have time to reschedule if needs be. Rob and crew were amazing and very accommodating. We got into the sharks in about 45 minutes and had them around for about 20-30 min. Water was a little cold, but not too bad. On the way back saw lots of dolphins and a whale. Oh yeah, if the smell of seal crap bothers you, you might want to bring nose plugs. Overall the trip was amazing, just saving up to go back." Breaching Great White Shark clears the air at Seal Island, False Bay Join us on one of our “Airjaws” shark breaching trips to witness this spectacular breaching behaviour of the Great White [...]

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Zaakiyah’s first shark cage diving trip

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Shark cage diving with African Shark Eco-Charters   We are excited to welcome our newest member, Zaakiyah, to the African Shark Eco-Charters family. Recently, Zaakiyah got to experience her first-ever encounter with the Great White Sharks on a shark cage diving trip in Gansbaai. We asked her to mention a little bit about her shark cage diving experience. Here is what she had to say:   "It was a beautiful summer morning when I left Cape Town for Gansbaai to experience my first shark cage diving experience. It took us just under 3 hours to arrive in Gansbaai. It was a beautiful scenic drive and once again I felt privileged to be a South African but mostly, Capetonian. I was calm and relaxed until I arrived at the Kleinbaai Harbour. When we all gathered the excitement started as I realized there was no turning around. The pre–trip talk [...]

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Great White Shark breaching – beyond my wildest dreams

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“Beyond my Wildest Dreams” We went out with ASEC for an AIRJAWS dive in mid-June and it was absolutely the highlight of our 3 week trip in South Africa. Captain Rob and his crew are passionate, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable about the Great Whites and they will do everything in their powers to ensure the best possible experience for your dive trip. Weather can be a problem in False Bay and cause trip cancelations, so I would suggest scheduling your dive trip early on in your stay so if necessary, you could go another day. Two days before our scheduled trip I got an email letting us know the conditions were not looking good for our trip and ASEC would know for sure the following day. The next day I got a call from Tamsyn who works in the office and our trip was in fact canceled. She went over [...]

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Great White Shark natural predations at Seal Island, False Bay

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Natural predation of a Great White Shark on a Cape Fur Seal Predation is one of the most fundamental interactions in nature and one of the most fascinating interactions to observe, but predation is rarely observed in the wild. Seal Island, in False Bay, South Africa, provides unique opportunities to observe natural predation by Great White Sharks on Cape Fur Seals and to observe social interactions among both species. Breaching is one of the hunting techniques that great white sharks use to surprise and kill its prey. They  surface with such force and explosive energy that it propels the shark right out of the water. The great white shark will try and catch the young smaller inexperienced seals. The best time is just before and at sunrise and mainly at certain area’s around the island and only for a few months of the year. This behaviour is absolutely [...]

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Santa know you want to go shark cage diving?

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Does Santa know you want to go shark cage diving? Don't just wish to be able to one day dive with the great white sharks. Make it happen! Join African Shark Eco-Charters for a truly memorable eco-sensitive great white shark encounter!   Here is some info about our trips for you to read.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Simon's Town is just 40min from Cape Town and the base from where our boat departs early in the morning. A short 20 minute will take you into False Bay, famous for the great white "Flying Sharks", a term used for their highly athletic breaching and hunting behavior.   NO QUALIFICATIONS for shark cage diving are necessary! The cage floats just under the surface of the water, and it is situated alongside the boat. Only two enter the cage at a time, all scuba equipment stays on board and only the scuba hose enters the cage, allowing you to enjoy a great dive without [...]

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