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Super sightings of sharks and dolphins on our cage diving trip

By | March 22nd, 2012|Tour Happening's|

The weather man once again called it wrong and a little rain was had this morning, but had luckly cleared by the time the guests got onboart our Boat. Running out to Seal Island, we bumped into 200+ Common Dolphins we spent a few minutes with them and then headed inshore to find some Great White Sharks that cruise around Seal Island. Arriving at Seal Island, the decoy was set for our decoy tow, alas nothing today. We had a look at some seals and noticed an aborted Cape Fur Seal on Seal Island, the Black back kelp Gulls were feeding on it, this happens occasionally. The seal either gets washed off and the sharks feed on them or they will get eaten by the Kelp Gulls. We achored in the channel today, being the calmest spot with the north west wind blowing. We decided to move after 40minutes of [...]

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Superman Sharks and Back flipping Dolphins

By | March 22nd, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Hello Shark Lovers!! Two Trips done and dusted over the last 2 days and both days resulted in absolute cracker trips the one produced the closest "Natural Breach" ever to our boat Blue Pointer II and the next produced a school of 700+ Common Dolphins. Here is the run down on the the last 2 trips at Seal Island in False Bay. Sunday the 18th we were met with rainy conditions at Seal Island, something that is never nice to start your trip off with, none the less we made the best of it and the weather gods opened up the sky for us and ended the trip with lovely sunny conditions. We got to Seal Island and set our decoy for a tow to see if we could get a breach but being fairly early in our season we did not get one today but little did we know [...]

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Great White Shark Slow mo breach

By | March 22nd, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Shot by our very own shark legend Rob Lawrence off Seal Island, False Bay. Join us on our AIRJAWS breaching and shark cage diving trips in Simons Town, Cape Town. [youtube]

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A beautiful white shark killed in net in Fish Hoek

By | March 16th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

  The experimental whelk farming in Fish hoek has claimed its first white shark.  The 4.3m female white shark swallowed the entire whelk pot and the large pot  became stuck in  its gill. To be honest, I had never even heard of a whelk net and even though I had seen the buoys which are only a few hundred metres from the beach I just thought they had something to do with the exclusion nets that they want to put up in Fish Hoek. Fishing  for whelks ( sea snails) with whelk pots, is a lot like fishing for lobsters or crayfish. You have a basket cage with chum in it ( mashed fish etc), and it works as an attractant to catch the whelks. The big problem is that it attracts not only whelks but sharks too. In this case the great white shark was so attracted to it that it swallowed the entire [...]

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Shark Cage Diving with Scuba

By | March 7th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Shark Cage Diving with Scuba is best and here is why! To fully experience your dive with great white sharks you must consider using scuba gear. Today was a perfect example of why shark cage diving with  scuba in the shark cage is better than just snorkeling or breath holding. It was a windy day and the sea was choppy, but the sharks were plentiful and active. Surface viewing was not ideal though, and all the guests, bar one, chose to dive. And they all chose to shark cage dive with scuba. We use the hookah system, which means the tanks stay on board and the cage is fixed to the side of the boat with the hoses going into the cage. The water was choppy and little waves were splashing on the surface. If you had  gone with a company that only lets you hold your breath or snorkel only, you would [...]

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Another Great White Shark breach at Seal Island, False Bay

By | March 5th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Today, on our great white shark trip we had a natural breach.  This is the second natural breach of the season we have witnessed so far. This behaviour is very early for this time of the year, as well as the  great whites returning  early to the island. A few years ago we would not have considered doing any shark trips during  February and March's  sightings were only around 70%.  It is to be noted however, that there are still great whites inshore, with the shark siren going off on many of the False Bay beaches. So far we have had 100% sightings on our shark trips and up to 8 sharks seen at a time which is uncharacteristic for this time of year.  The shark's are actively hunting now We had a rotting seal carcass wash off the island and drift next to the boat and had a shark come and scavenge on it.   We also [...]

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What a “great white” shark trip

By | February 28th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

What a cracking afternoon trip at False Bay Seal Island today The weather was a perfect 30'c, the sea calm and flat, and the water a nice 19-20'c. We had   6 great white sharks up to the boat, and wait for it,one  full breach and a successful predation next to our boat! How awesome is that! This is the earliest we have ever recorded a breach. On the way back to Simons Town we came across a large school of about 200 common dolphins.   Guests having a great shark trip with us.

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Graceful Great White Shark

By | February 28th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

A stunning painting depicting a great white shark gracefully cruises in the ocean. The artist is the very talented wildlife artist Jonathan Truss. who will be joining us on our Airjaws breaching and cage diving trip in April to sketch the great whites.  

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The beautiful shark fin

By | February 28th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

There is something so evocative about a dorsal fin of a great white shark. I love this pic we took on a trip a few days ago. I love how the fin beautifully and powerfully cuts through the water, causing its own waves. What feelings does this invoke in you? Fear? Respect? Awe? Power? For each person its something different. However, to see a great white in person, is amazing and will certainly change any misconceptions you have. You will come away respecting nature and understanding why people like us are so passionate about these super predators! To book your great white shark trip visit our site

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