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Shark expert Rob Lawrence, together with his wife Karen and their dedicated team in Simon’s Town, Cape Town. Rob, also known as shark legend Rob or Captain Rob has been working with great white sharks for the last 20 years and has dedicated his life to the great white shark.

The sharks are back in Town

By | July 14th, 2016|Tour Happening's|

With back to back morning and afternoon trips to Seal Island, it's safe to say our Great White Shark friends are back! On average we have been having 3-6 different Great White Sharks around our boat on a Dive Trip and even more number of predations in the am trips. It was great to see some return Great White Sharks from the previous seasons (which we've named individually according to distinct markings) and some new ones too. Today, Wednesday 13th July 2016 we were greeted by our biggest Great White Shark of the season, which was estimated to be around 5M+. She left the crew and guests speechless after putting on a show for us to remember! On another note, the 30 minute rides to and from Seal Island have been nothing but spectacular. We have been accompanied by pods of Common Dolphins, our usual Brydes Whales and the occasional [...]

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Let’s talk about the Thresher Shark…

By | June 28th, 2016|Tour Happening's|

Let’s talk about the Thresher Shark…   I was told a story by one of our happy guests that joined us on a Shark Cage Dive, of an incident that occurred off some coast in the US, of a thresher shark, a story I will now pass onto you. A fisherman was hand lining tuna. (This means that a fishing rod was not used, but rather just the fishing gut, a lure and some serious fisherman, using speed and strength, with little regard of the damage this could inflict upon their hands. This is the chosen fishing method employed by most snoek fisherman in South Africa, they say they are afforded a greater sensitivity to the catch when not separated by a rod.) So back to the story; these fishermen were out in the ocean, hand lining tuna, when one of the gents got a solid bite, and started pulling [...]

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The return of the Great White Sharks to False Bay

By | June 15th, 2016|Tour Happening's|

Let’s Talk About It…Their Return The return of the great white sharks to False Bay In False Bay, it’s been a very long and painful stretch; an 8 week and 6 day stretch to be exact. But now, and I say this with cautious optimism; “they are back!” Our sharks seem to have returned to our Island, bringing with them, a couple juveniles, 2 meter juveniles, that jump and hunt with inexperienced skill, and as yet a little on the cautious side, not too sure of our boats. But then there is the lovely lady; a 3.5 meter girl, with a girth well worth the mention, and she just loved our boat and cage! Not even our experienced bait man, Wellington could get our decoy away from her in time. She “played” and let us all see why these creatures are some of our favourites! She swam a figure of [...]

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Great Whites Missing from False Bay

By | June 6th, 2016|Press|

Great Whites Missing from False Bay? Let’s Talk About it… Ok, so as I am quite sure, you have read somewhere, if not on our Facebook page, then possibly TripAdvisor, that the False Bay Great White Sharks have been pretty much non-existent for several weeks now. This is true! It could be global warming or el nino, but the reason for this behaviour is not entirely 100% figured out yet, though it did happen last year as well, albeit a little later in the year. So we have absolutely no doubts as to whether they will return or not, our only question is: “when?” We have been going “to sea” … get it, the pun? … about twice a week since the beginning of their disappearance, and now find ourselves around the same time they returned last year, so we are counting on history repeating itself and are eagerly awaiting [...]

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A day in the life of a bookings coordinator

By | May 19th, 2016|Tour Happening's|

A day in the life of a bookings coordinator Ever wonder what happens behinds the scenes of your shark trip? Every booking and phone call made and question asked…yes, even those random requests for restaurant recommendations are responded to and coordinated by the bookings team here at African Shark Eco-Charters. Our job is to make sure you actually experience the shark cage dive and tour. Here is what an ordinary day looks like for us… 08:45AM- Open the shop for the day Right on the harbour at the Simons Town Waterfront Centre is where we’re based. Having undergone a revamped recently, the shop is looking shiny and new and the new merchandise is already flying off the new shelves! 09:00AM- Call Rob As soon as the store is setup and ready to receive shoppers and guests, we get in touch with Rob to find out how the morning shark tour [...]

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Let’s Talk About The Cow Shark…

By | May 17th, 2016|Tour Happening's|

Let’s Talk About The Cow Shark… Yup, you heard me, I said cow shark! Of course this is not real! So, a cow shark hey? And yet there is nothing about this shark that is even closely cow related, no udders, no black and white markings, no “moo” sounds, nothing! In fact, the seven gill cow shark is so different from a cow that understanding why they have been given this name, could prove unsuccessful, but let’s see what we can find.The broad nosed seven gill cow shark is the only one in its family that enjoys the temperate coastal waters and does not hide in the depth as do the rest of the family. The broad nose seven gill is a coastal shark, usually hanging about in water less than 50 m deep, and in bays often less than 1 meter deep. Making these sharks one of the most [...]

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Lets talk about Shark Cage Diving now!

By | May 4th, 2016|Tour Happening's|

Let’s Talk Shark Cage Diving and Its Impact… I wanted to chat a little about Shark Cage Diving and the impact it has on the relationship between humans and the sharks association of food. It so happened that I was asked this very question the other day, as it seems there are still some folk who believe that Shark Cage Diving somehow is responsible for shark attacks. The argument for the debate makes mention of chumming to attract sharks, while people wait in a cage to see them. And this is really the only argument they present, but in fairness, I guess one has to accept that this argument is fuelled by fear, and not so much an informed study, because if these folks had taken the time to check out the facts, they would realise that the argument, doesn’t really hold much water. Let’s have a look why; firstly [...]

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Let’s talk about the CookieCutter Shark

By | April 22nd, 2016|Tour Happening's|

Let’s Talk About The CookieCutter Shark So this cute, and very odd looking little shark, is part of the dogfish family, similar in colour with no anal fin, the cookiecutter shark grows to between 40cm and 60cm in length. Some people refer to this shark as the cigar shark because of its “cigar-like” shape, but it’s cookiecutter name comes from the bite marks it leaves on / in its prey. Ever baked cookies? If you have, you’ll know they don’t just fall into those cute shapes, you use a cookie cutter. The cookiecutter shark’s bite leaves a round cookie cutter type shape in the flesh of larger marine animals, including whales and tuna. And of course, having the size teeth they have, helps too! Did you know that in relation to the size of the shark, it has the largest teeth of all the sharks, comparing apples with apples of [...]

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Let’s talk about Orca’s

By | April 22nd, 2016|Tour Happening's|

Let’s talk about Orcas’… When I say “Orca”, what is the picture your mind conjures? If you are a little older, I am sure the movie “Free Willy” immediately jumps to mind! Big beautiful black and white whales…well actually the Orca, more commonly known as the “Killer Whale” is not a whale at all! The Orca is actually the largest member of the dolphin family, which you can kind of see it when you take a look and listen to them. As with dolphins, Orcas’ are very social creatures and swim the oceans of the world in pods of up to 30 strong. They hunt together, using ever evolving methods and team strategies to feed, and sometimes may even hook up with another pod to increase their numbers! As with dolphins, Orcas’ are highly intelligent, they continually learn better and new ways to feed, hunt and live! Their main food [...]

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Lets talk about the Dogfish Shark

By | April 8th, 2016|Tour Happening's|

Let’s talk about the Dogfish Shark… It’s an underwater dog…no it isn’t… Despite the name and silly picture; (not real), this shark looks nothing like a dog, well not any regular dogs I know anyway!   The dogfish shark is believed to be the most prolific shark is existences today, strange that, seeing as I bet very few people even know this shark exists, despite it having many different names like, piked dogfish, skittledog, codshark, spotted dogfish throndog and white spotted dogfish. Why the name spiny dogfish shark, is anyone’s guess, other than the dorsal fin that has spines, there is nothing “doggish” about this shark. I guess their social behaviour and hunting methods could have been a contributing factor, as they hunt in packs, like dogs. This little fella’ is representative of many different species within this family, including the massive Greenland Shark and the cute Cookie-Cutter Shark. “Spiny” [...]

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