Shortfin Mako Shark

Let’s Talk About It…Shortfin Mako Shark Another amazing shark to be found in the waters +- 25 miles off from False Bay amongst other temperate waters is the Shortfin Mako. Not to be confused with its cousin, the Longfin Mako; which grows to an average of 4.5 meters, the Shortfin Mako grows to a maximum of 2.5 meters weighing in at approximately 100 kilograms. Mako Sharks can reach and exceed 60 miles per hour. As is the fact of the Longfin Mako, the Shortfin Mako is also exceptionally fast, the cheetah of the ocean if you will, reaching and surpassing [...]

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Pajama Shark

Let’s Talk About It…Pyjama Shark The Pajama Shark, not to be confused with Shark Pajamas or a shark in pajamas, is another arm of the Catshark family and is also known by Striped Catfish. Boasting a broad, flat head, with a blunt snout, this grey shark has the distinct markings of grandad’s stripped pajamas, with darker longitudinal strips running from head to tail, though broken the closer one gets to the tail. The underside of the Pyjama Shark is uniformly pale. With two little “feeler” type barbels above the mouth, that assist in foraging for prey, which includes smaller fish, [...]

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Bronze Whaler Shark

Let’s Talk About It…Bronze Whaler Shark Proudly found in the waters of False Bay, South Africa amongst other regions, where the waters are above 12 degrees Celsius, the Bronze Whaler Shark is also known by Copper Shark, or Narrowtooth Shark. Why the “Bronze Whaler” perhaps it’s because it has a bronze ridge between its dorsal fins, ‘cos other than that, it really doesn’t have much in the way of distinguishing marks. Why “Narrowtooth”, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they have narrow, hook shaped teeth. “Copper Shark”, because out of the water, it has a sandy [...]

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The Hound Shark

Let’s Talk About It… The Hound Shark Found in False Bay waters through to Angola and the temperate waters of the East Atlantic, this shark doesn’t look anything like any hounds I know…they do not try to disguise themselves either, with their greyish – brown colouring, they can be found swimming at varying depths of between 16.5 and 1140 feet! (5 to 347 meters) Enjoying the ocean bed, they can sometimes be found at mid-water level too, so not surface feeders as we have with the Great White Shark. At a maximum of 3.6 feet (1.10 meters) in the males [...]

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The Dusky Shark

Let’s Talk About It…The Dusky Shark Found in False Bay, amongst other temperate watered areas around the world, is The Dusky Shark. A requiem shark, juvenile Dusky’s prefer shallow waters along the coast, while the adult Dusky can be found in deeper open seas; in depths of as much as 1300 feet or 400 meters! Ask someone to draw a shark, if they have a little talent and don’t draw you a Great White or Hammerhead, I am pretty sure the drawing they will present to you, will look very much like the Dusky Shark. This shark is fished for [...]

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Part 2. Summing up the white shark season

Successfully snatched our decoy and gaping at it in the flawless water conditions Further, seeing some of our favourite sharks returning to the boat over consecutive days, a special mention (and thanks) to some of the stars this year: “Zebra,” “Dodgey L,” “Prop,” “Jika,” “Patches,” “Captain MF Hook” “Stumpy Freddy,” “The one with the bent dorsal (Orca/Nemo)” and a few OCEARCH tagged sharks, including “Vindication” and “Maureen.” Of course once we’ve named them, we get very emotionally attached. They become like a puppy dog, really cute but with rather sharp teeth, eating all your personal belongings. When naming and identifying [...]

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Endangered Silky and Thresher sharks

Spotlight on the endangered Silky and Thresher sharks at CITES 2016 Since its inception in 1980, September World Tourism Month has been a time to bring major issues facing the global tourism industry to the foreground. There are a great number of national and international conferences and meetings taking place worldwide this month including The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora or CITES, as it is more commonly known. This year’s convention is of interest to African Shark Eco-Charters because they are placing spotlight on the Silky Shark and the Thresher shark, two species [...]

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The Basking Shark

Let’s Talk About It…The Basking Shark I so enjoyed talking about the biggest Great White Shark, Deep Blue, ever captured on film, that I decided to go find other massive sharks. Sure not Great Whites, but you would be interested to know, that the Whale Shark, is not the only huge shark about! And the Basking Shark certainly has a big mouth about it! No, I literally mean a big mouth; their mouths measure up to 3 plus feet across! A mouth that has been perfectly adapted to filter feeding, like those of the other two plankton eating sharks, the [...]

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Things to do in Simons Town

Top 10 things to do in Simons Town if your shark cage diving trip gets cancelled You made your online booking weeks ago, told everyone including your nosey co-worker of your upcoming Afri-venture, got on a long car or plane ride to Cape Town, and the day of your cage dive is finally here! Except -we just cancelled the trip cause of rough sea conditions or bad weather and what’s worse-you are already on your way to Simons Town! What to do now? While it is a quaint seaside village at the tail end of the southern cape peninsula, Simons [...]

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Lets talk about the shark “DEEP BLUE”

Let’s Talk About Deep Blue, the biggest Great White Shark captured on camera In the “shark community” as it were, the name “Deep Blue” is spoken in equal measures of excitement and awe! And when you understand that she is the biggest Great White Shark ever caught on film, measuring over 23 feet in length (7+ meters) with a girth just as impressive, you too will gasp in amazement, if you haven’t already! There have been other sharks also filmed of great size, but nothing quite as big as Deep Blue. She has, as of yet, only been filmed off [...]

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