Shark Cage Diving FAQ’s

Cage Diving and Shark Trip FAQs

How many people can go in the cage at the same time?  Do I need scuba diving experience?  Can you snorkel in the cage? Are children allowed on the boat?  What if the weather is bad?

In our CAGE DIVING FAQ’s you will find  all the information you need for Shark trip.

  • Peak cap
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Jersey
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel ( optional)
  • Sensible shoes for a boat
  • Beanie and scarf
  • The morning AIRJAWS or morning cage diving trip is from  from 7am until 11.30
    The afternoon trip is +- 12h00 to 16h30
  • Yes, we have from small to our largest being a XXXL.
  • No qualifications are necessary.
  • Light snacks, muffins, sandwiches and cold drinks are provided. We recommend bringing some extra snacks if you think you might work up an appetite.
  • They are the standard 5mm wetsuits.
  • We recommend that you take precautions (visit your physician or pharmacist for medication) if you are prone to sea sickness. Being sea sick is not fun and so rather take them. It is recommended to avoid alcohol the night before the trip.
  • Children over the age of 10 yrs are welcome. As the trips are long, it is very unpleasant for little children to be out at sea for more than a few hours.
  • We always try to accommodate our guests, if we cannot get out to sea. This does however depend on the availability of the bookings.
  • Yes, we offer a 100% refund, if we cancel a trip.
  • Yes, we can arrange a pick up for you in the city area. This is an extra service and not included in the price.
  • This depends on the shark activity and the sea conditions on the day. We like to work on a rotational system, allowing everyone at least a 20 min dive. After everyone has had a turn, and if there is still time, then you can have a second dive.
  • We  only allow 4 people in the cage at a time. This allows for a nicer dive experience.
  • Yes. Snorkeling is allowed but using the hookah system is a better option as it allows you to stay underwater for longer.
  • As the cage is fixed to the boat, we use a hookah system, meaning the scuba tanks stay on board and only the scuba hose enters the cage, allowing you to enjoy a great dive without cumbersome, heavy tanks and gear.
  • Yes. Many guests surface view only. Our boat is specially designed for surface viewing and photography, and we have an upper viewing deck on the boat as well. Yes, it is the same price as the price is per head space.
  • No, all you need to dive is to bring your swimming gear and a towel (optional).