Flat Seas, Seals and Orcas!!

Good Day Fellow Shark Lovers.... Trust you all having a great week, we at African Shark Eco-Charters sure are after an unbelievable trip yesterday. Here is the low down on what happened on yesterdays Airjaws Shark Trip. Flat seas, lots of Seals and Orcas were the animals that we saw today, unfortunately we did not see any Great White Sharks today. Being nature, one can never guarantee anything, well we pretty much can always guarantee some seals, but not sharks and the highlight of the day........ORCAS!! Yes, today we saw 4 Orcas (killer whales) chasing a big school of dolphins [...]

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What’s Been Happening This Season … Part 2

At the return of our shark season... in June, we welcomed some new faces, and were happy to welcome back some old favourites, but we did miss a number of our regular repeat visitors. I would love to tell you that they jumped and played, soaring through the air and doing all the things that have made False Bay famous for the “flying shark”, but this year, as mentioned before, was very different from previous years. Where we experienced breaching on almost every morning trip, and at least 2 or 3 predations, we were met with just a few breaches; [...]

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What’s Been Happening This Season … Part 1

Heading off to Seal Island, False Bay at dawn. Moon still up. Great White Shark Season. For a good couple weeks’ now I have been thinking about putting to words my thoughts and opinions regarding this years’ Great White Season, and I guess now is the moment I have chosen to do it. Great White Sharks at Seal Island. In False Bay, we are subject to a season, not like summer, winter, autumn or spring, but a season in which the Great White Sharks are at Seal Island, which is the only area that we offer the trips [...]

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A False Bay Dive

False Bay Map Diving in the deep blue sea... few can understand the tranquillity; the calm that the water brings when you fin through the ocean and marveling at its nature. So much of the ocean has yet to be discovered, much of it is in places humans are unable to reach. Driving to Simon’s Town along the False Bay coastal road, you’ll have passed the wreck of the SS Clan Stuart on your left. Her engine block protrudes from the water at low tide, and only the highest spring tides come close to covering it. The steamer [...]

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Fun Great White Facts

Common names: Great White Shark, Great White, White Shark, White Pointer. Family: Lamnidae Scientific name: Carcharodon carcharias Size: Great White Sharks can reach up to 7.3 m in length (as per the largest White Shark ever caught on camera in Guadeloupe) and weigh up to 2.5 tons. The males reach sexual maturity between 3.5 and 4.1 m, and the females at a much larger size of 4 and 5 m. Coloration: The dorsal surface ranges from dark grey to light brown, while the underside is white. Range/Distribution: The Great White Shark is one of the most widely distributed of all sharks and has been sighted in [...]

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False Bay’s Ocean Critters

False bay is a body of water defined by Cape Hangklip derived from the Dutch for Hanging-rock and the Cape Peninsula in the extreme south-west of South Africa, False Bay is enclosed by mountainous terrain and urban structure. Seal Island - The main breeding site of Cape Fur Seals. There is a small island in the bay called Seal Island, which is one of the main breeding sites for the Cape fur seal. The seals attract many great white sharks and some of the biggest sharks ever seen have been spotted in these waters. These sharks are famous for the [...]

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The Ideal Shark Trip

The Start Of The Ideal Shark Cage Dive. Arrival at the pier at 06h40, on a cool but not uncomfortable morning. The glow of a promised sunrise peaking over the mountain tops, and a group of happy, fun and friendly guests joining you on The Blue Pointer. Everyone on time, disclaimers signed, briefing given and the trip is underway. Anticipation of the adventure ahead, grows as the island looms closer in the slow rising of the most dramatic sunrise, with reds, oranges and yellows streaking the purple sky. Bioluminescence clearly visible leaving a trail in the wake of the engines, [...]

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The Seven Gill Cow Shark

Let’s Talk About It – The Seven Gill Cow Shark I decided to talk about the Sevengill Cow Shark this week, because against all that is “normal” we have been visited by these pre-historic looking, gentle sharks at Seal Island lately in the absence of our glorious Great Whites. Not to say that it hasn’t been wonderful, it’s just been different, as Cow Sharks tend to spend most of their time in deeper waters and kelp forests, only coming into shallower waters, it is believed, to breed. Oh, and this is not really a "cow shark" ... this is ...   [...]

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