My Shark Cage Dive Adventure

My Shark Cage Dive Adventure It was all very last minute, by 17h00 the day before we took the two last available spots on the boat! This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise, with the fact that there is very seldom space available so close to a dive, but there had been a last minute cancellation. The excitement was pliable; my husband was like a little boy on Christmas Eve! He went on a shopping spree, gearing himself up to “look the part” with shark t-shirts, motion sickness tablets and underwater cameras! He wanted to set the alarm for 04h00 [...]

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Our Seas are alive with sharks

Our Seas Are Alive with Sharks! The past few days the Great White Shark activity around Seal Island, False Bay has been steadily increasing as we approach our high-season (April-September). We have had up to 6 different Great White Sharks around our boat in one single morning, hanging around long enough to give our guests the best viewing opportunity possible! Our experienced skipper, Rob Laurence decided to tow our Shark Decoy on our way back to Simonstown Harbour, after an excellent day of Shark Sightings and to all of our surprise we had a Great White Shark Surface Breach right [...]

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Common Dolphins and Great White Sharks

Common Dolphins and Great White Sharks on our False Bay, Seal Island trips. The past few trips to Seal Island have been nothing but spectacular! On our way to the Island this morning we were lucky enough to come across a pod of Common Dolphins, which appeared to be in a feeding frenzy not too far from the island itself. We just knew from then that it was going to be a day to remember! After the guests had finished taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of these incredible animals in their natural environment, we proceeded towards the north side [...]

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Shark Poem

Shark Poem by African Shark Eco-Charters 12th April Crazy shark day!! And a poem dedicated to all the ‘Mark the Sharks’ we have around Seal Island at the moment (for those who haven’t picked up on it yet, we seem to name many of the sharks around the boat Mark. We have Mark 1, Mark 2 and even Mark 3. Who knows where this will go..... and it all started from one little (Well actually quite big, about 3.5metres) white shark who turned up at the boat with a – yep youve guessed it – big scratch (or mark!) on [...]

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Unpredictable week

5th April Very unpredictable ‘sharkyness’ has been going on all week! We have gone from one extreme of great white shark behaviour, to another. Towards the end of last week the visibility around Seal Island, False Bay was incredible. At one point we were anchored in 12 metres of water, watching seals swim around the boat in crystal clear water – almost unheard of!  We could clearly see the rocky substrate on the bottom, and therefore any activity beneath the surface. Unfortunately for us, this clear water meant the sharks were very chilled and slow, to the point where we [...]

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Shark Cage Diving in Simons Town

Today I thought I would keep to the topic of sharks of course, but taking it from a different angle, that of the operators who offer dives out of Simon’s Town, Western Cape. There are a couple of things to remember when embarking on the exciting shark cage dive, but the most important being that these are wild animals, not trained to perform and appear at our behest, but rather they grace us with their presence and we are blessed to be able to see them in their natural environment. 20+Years ago, Rob Lawrence affectionately known as the Shark Legend, [...]

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Sharks in the Bay

August 8th 2015 It’s been a beautiful, hot and sunny time in False Bay for the last week, with flat calm seas ensuring our African Shark Eco Charters trips’ have been very enjoyable! It’s also been fantastic that we have had one of our favourite sharks from last season ‘Propguard’ being very active around the boat. This is a shark we got to know very well last season, and it created huge excitement when she returned early last month – and looking very fat! Where-ever she has been for the last year, it’s been good for her, and since her [...]

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Fantastic Experience

“A fantastic experience!” Reviewed 29 April 2015 We had a great time with the Eco-Charters team. We were fortunate enough to have a good shark day at the beginning of April. We the the last of the charter boats to arrive at Seal Island - the others were already anchored and had some shark activity so our captain decided to try and get a breaching attack - not usual for this time of year - and we were successful - not a full "airjaws" experience, but a great visual of the shark breaking the water to attack the decoy! The [...]

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Blue sharks

Blue sharks get their name from the beautiful blue colour of the skin on their back and sides. These sharks are extremely wide-ranging and can be found in both tropical and temperate seas, in waters between 7 and 16 degrees Celsius. They are also known for producing large litters of pups, between 4 and 135 pups at a time, with the number of pups determined by the size of the female. This species is usually found in deep waters, up to 350 metres and are considered a pelagic or blue water shark species. While out in the deep blue this [...]

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Trip report

Shark Cage Diving trip report: Another awesome shark cage diving trip this morning! We had a spectacular predation kill this morning to start off the trip, before we anchored up at Seal Island to start the shark cage diving. 5 sharks, in beginning shark trip slowly, picked up later The water vizibility was not too great today, maybe only around 3 metres, but our guests still had some decent views of the Great White Sharks  from the  shark cage. We had five Great White Sharks up to the boat today, so there was plenty of shark activity for the guests to enjoy. Join us for a shark cage diving trip with African Shark Eco-Charters Here [...]

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