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Heading towards the end of shark season

By | September 18th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Heading towards the end of shark season Due to a bad weather front passing through False Bay, African Shark Eco Charters was unable to go to sea 3 days running, so our trip on Friday was a complete lottery. As we are heading towards the end of the season the shark behaviour becomes more and more unpredictable, so we had no idea what to expect from our morning.   Thanks to our guests arriving nice and early at the jetty, approaching Seal Island in the dawn allowed us a great start to the day with several great predation activities. I know from speaking to many guests over my 2 seasons that this is a thrilling part of the trip for them. Shouts from our crew, followed by Rob kicking the engines into life, racing over to the spot where the splashes were seen and scanning the water for any sign [...]

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2 Sept was a fantastic day at sea…..

By | September 8th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

For most marine life a red toxic algae bloom is very bad news, but for African Shark Eco Charters it has been fantastic! The sudden algae bloom due to an increase in sunlight (it’s now officially spring in False Bay!) while high concentrations of nutrients exist, takes most of the oxygen out of the water, and means fish and crustaceans cannot survive in this harsh environment. The ones that can, will move away, but as we drove around the island on Monday the presence of many floating crustaceans proved that this is not possible for all life. Red tides are usually made up of dinoflagellates which produce a neurotoxin which is detrimental to many organisms. However on a positive note, the great white sharks have been using the algae bloom to their advantage! With the now very low visibility in the water, hunting at Seal Island has dramatically increased in [...]

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“Amazing experience” shark diving with ASEC

By | August 28th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

“Amazing experience” shark diving with ASEC Reviewed 26 August 2014NEW We were attracted to Rob & his crew because we wanted to be part of a small group & also the responsible way your experience is managed. Other tour companies seemed to want as many people on their vessel as possible & once offshore had little regard for the well being & long term effect that human contact has on Great Whites. ASEC don't promote the use of chum so whilst that means you may have to be a little patient for your first sighting it also means you can view the sharks in a more natural environment (& hopefully for many more years to come). Obviously safety is their main concern so our original trip was cancelled due to bad weather but Karen kept in contact with us & got us on the first available trip once the weather [...]

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“A must do! Excellent team” ASEC

By | August 28th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

“A must do! Excellent team” Reviewed 25 August 2014NEW I offered the shark dive to my husband as it was a dream for him to do it. He came back delighted and the experience was above expectation. The company came to Cape Town to pick him up and they headed to Simon town. The dive went very well with a viewing of 5 sharks, mainly all larger than 4/5 meters. The team was very professional, organised and very knowledgeable. The fact that you dive with oxygen helps as you can stay under water longer than just with mask and you can enjoy longer viewings. Great experience overall! Visited August 2014 WHO IS ASEC? Love great white sharks? Want to go on a shark cage diving or breaching trip with people that shares your love for them, then look no further! We are a top shark cage diving company operating in False Bay, experts since [...]

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Great White Shark “Propguard” back at the island

By | August 21st, 2014|Tour Happening's|

August 9th With the arrival of Propguard back at the island, and two fantastic breaches on our decoy, the smiles have been returned to African Shark Eco Charters faces. Although activity is still not quite at the level we would expect at this time of the year, it’s definitely an improvement. Most of this week’s cage diving has been a bit of in-and-out of the cage, but nearly everyone who wanted to see from the cage managed to (with a bit of perseverance!). It is also really nice that most people on the boat have been in good spirits about it, and understood that it is nature we are dealing with. Apart from the few attraction techniques we use to try and get the great white sharks to the boat, there is very little we can do to make them come on demand! At the end of the day it [...]

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Peak Season shark activity drops

By | August 7th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

August 1st This has been a big learning curve of a week for African Shark Eco Charters. The great white sharks in the bay seem to have dropped in huge numbers, right in the middle of the peak season. This behaviour is totally unexpected, unprecedented and unwelcome for both us and our guests. Many ideas to explain the massive change in behaviour have been batted around, but the underlying reality is that we probably will never know why. I’m told by people who have spent many years on the water in the bay, that activity in False Bay has been very strange this year. Previous seasons they could tell you almost to the day as to what the shark activity would be like, when the whales would arrive and how long they would stay, and the months to expect dolphin activity. Every single prediction, so far, has not been met. [...]

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Sharks we have had with African Shark Eco-charters

By | July 24th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

 Sharks with African Shark Eco-Charters So today I'm going to do a bit of a recap on the sharks we have had grace us with their majestic appearances around the boat time and time again. So far this season we have been blessed with plenty different great white sharks with quite a few players that we have had the privilege of naming. We have seen two familiar great whites who have been coming back to seal island repeatedly for a few years now. One being Deux Rossi who has been repeatedly coming back to seal island for 7 years now and the other being that famous Cuz how has been coming back for a record 10 years now which is pretty dam amazing if you ask me. There has also been plenty new great white sharks that have come to give us a show around our shark cage [...]

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Great White Shark Predation’s “all round”

By | July 3rd, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Great White Shark Predation's all round   So, on Sunday ‎the 29th of June, myself and the rest of the crew here at African Shark Eco Charters set out to Seal Island here in False Bay South Africa to find ourselves some Great White Sharks. We got out to the Island around 7:20am and as we arrived we were greeted with an amazing natural predation. Birds where flying everywhere hoping to get some scraps and lucky for them they managed to get some. The predation went on for ages with the Cape Fur Seal jumping franticly, trying to evade the Great white sharks snapping Jaws. That wasn't the only natural predation of the day, this went on for just over a hour. We managed to see roughly 16 predations throughout the morning, and I'm pretty sure we missed a few while focusing on others. We anchored up arou‎nd 8:45am and [...]

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Great White Sharks are amazing animals that you just cant describe in words.

By | June 25th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Tuesday mornings trip gave us an unforgettable moment for a full boat load of guests (and me!). The great white sharks had been very chilled out all morning, we thought due to the calm water, and we had seen no breaches. The last part of the trip was doing a slow drive past Seal Island to get a close view of the seal breeding colony. So at the far end of the island Rob kciks the engines to full steam to get us back to Simonstown harbour. At this exact second, a very young (Around 2 metres) great white shark leaps out of the water only 1 metre from the boat, does a spin in the air and then splashes down on the water! Thank goodness everyone saw it, or they would never have believed me!! Two possible explanations – either the engines scared the shark as it may have [...]

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Our new shark cage

By | June 25th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Our new shark cage We at African Shark Eco-Charters have been dodging a lot of bad weather recently, which in high season has been especially hard on the girls in the office. Sadly we have had to say goodbye to a fantastic employee and friend, in the form of Tamsyn who has been working at African Shark Eco-Charters for 4 years. She has an exciting time ahead as she is leaving us to go to China, but we will all be very sad to see her go. However, we wish her the best of luck and I especially thank her for all the help (and laughs!) she has given me this season!  But that does mean we have welcomed a new face into the team -Roxanne who will be on hand to help with any enquiries, bookings or information! Together in this change over period they have done a sterling [...]

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