Are you team shark or team seal?

Great White Shark with seal decoy Are you team shark or team seal? What does that mean and what difference does it make? First one needs to understand why the division is suggested in the first place. While many sharks eat other sharks, a variety of fish and other marine life, the abundant seal pup population in areas around the world, False Bay included, have made seals the default meal. Over-fishing and fining of smaller sharks and other fish that the Great Whites prey on exacerbates the situation for the seals. Fun Fact: Did you know about 12,000 seal [...]

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The sharks are back in Town

With back to back morning and afternoon trips to Seal Island, it's safe to say our Great White Shark friends are back! On average we have been having 3-6 different Great White Sharks around our boat on a Dive Trip and even more number of predations in the am trips. It was great to see some return Great White Sharks from the previous seasons (which we've named individually according to distinct markings) and some new ones too. Today, Wednesday 13th July 2016 we were greeted by our biggest Great White Shark of the season, which was estimated to be around [...]

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The return of the Great White Sharks to False Bay

Let’s Talk About It…Their Return The return of the great white sharks to False Bay In False Bay, it’s been a very long and painful stretch; an 8 week and 6 day stretch to be exact. But now, and I say this with cautious optimism; “they are back!” Our sharks seem to have returned to our Island, bringing with them, a couple juveniles, 2 meter juveniles, that jump and hunt with inexperienced skill, and as yet a little on the cautious side, not too sure of our boats. But then there is the lovely lady; a 3.5 meter girl, with [...]

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Great Whites Missing from False Bay

Great Whites Missing from False Bay? Let’s Talk About it… Ok, so as I am quite sure, you have read somewhere, if not on our Facebook page, then possibly TripAdvisor, that the False Bay Great White Sharks have been pretty much non-existent for several weeks now. This is true! It could be global warming or el nino, but the reason for this behaviour is not entirely 100% figured out yet, though it did happen last year as well, albeit a little later in the year. So we have absolutely no doubts as to whether they will return or not, our [...]

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A day in the life of a bookings coordinator

A day in the life of a bookings coordinator Ever wonder what happens behinds the scenes of your shark trip? Every booking and phone call made and question asked…yes, even those random requests for restaurant recommendations are responded to and coordinated by the bookings team here at African Shark Eco-Charters. Our job is to make sure you actually experience the shark cage dive and tour. Here is what an ordinary day looks like for us… 08:45AM- Open the shop for the day Right on the harbour at the Simons Town Waterfront Centre is where we’re based. Having undergone a revamped [...]

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Lets talk about Shark Cage Diving now!

Let’s Talk Shark Cage Diving and Its Impact… I wanted to chat a little about Shark Cage Diving and the impact it has on the relationship between humans and the sharks association of food. It so happened that I was asked this very question the other day, as it seems there are still some folk who believe that Shark Cage Diving somehow is responsible for shark attacks. The argument for the debate makes mention of chumming to attract sharks, while people wait in a cage to see them. And this is really the only argument they present, but in fairness, [...]

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Lets talk about the Dogfish Shark

Let’s talk about the Dogfish Shark… It’s an underwater dog…no it isn’t… Despite the name and silly picture; (not real), this shark looks nothing like a dog, well not any regular dogs I know anyway!   The dogfish shark is believed to be the most prolific shark is existences today, strange that, seeing as I bet very few people even know this shark exists, despite it having many different names like, piked dogfish, skittledog, codshark, spotted dogfish throndog and white spotted dogfish. Why the name spiny dogfish shark, is anyone’s guess, other than the dorsal fin that has spines, there [...]

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Shark Poem by African Shark Eco-Charters

Shark Poem by African Shark Eco-Charters 12th April Crazy shark day!! And a poem dedicated to all the ‘Mark the Sharks’ we have around Seal Island at the moment (for those who haven’t picked up on it yet, we seem to name many of the sharks around the boat Mark. We have Mark 1, Mark 2 and even Mark 3. Who knows where this will go..... and it all started from one little (Well actually quite big, about 3.5metres) white shark who turned up at the boat with a – yep youve guessed it – big scratch (or mark!) on [...]

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Unpredictable White Sharks this week

5th April Very unpredictable ‘sharkyness’ has been going on all week! We have gone from one extreme of great white shark behaviour, to another. Towards the end of last week the visibility around Seal Island, False Bay was incredible. At one point we were anchored in 12 metres of water, watching seals swim around the boat in crystal clear water – almost unheard of!  We could clearly see the rocky substrate on the bottom, and therefore any activity beneath the surface. Unfortunately for us, this clear water meant the sharks were very chilled and slow, to the point where we [...]

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Red means DANGER

We’ve always associated colours with meaning; blue = cold, yellow = sunny and red = danger. So following that train of thought, the words “Red Tide” should set alarm bells ringing as a sign of something dangerous. Red Tide is a colloquialism for the out of control growth of harmful algal blooms, these are small, single cell plants that live in our oceans and freshwaters, which then produce toxic effects on fish, shellfish, marine mammals, and birds and have been known to cause illness in humans, if the contaminated fish / shell fish is consumed. These “blooms” will most often discolour [...]

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