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What happened at lunch time May 19th at Seal Island?

By | May 27th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

What happened at lunch time May 19th at Seal Island...?! The last week has been hugely varied in terms of shark action on the African Shark Eco charters’ trips. Today was a prime example. Our morning trip started relatively slowly, we towed our seal decoy, had a shark make a slight lunge for the decoy but then head off. So we moored up, saw one great white shark swim past and then it went very quiet for a while. The call was made to change sites, and obviously as we pulled anchor only a few metres from our boat a great white took a seal! This is a very distinctive shark, as although we have never seen it come to our boat, we do see it in the distance chasing seals and breaching. Its dorsal fin looks like it has been chopped off at the top, so instead of pointing [...]

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Winter Great White Shark Season Has Arrived

By | May 27th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Winter Great White Shark Season has arrived. It's here! Winter has arrived and she's greeting us with strong winds, lots of rain and great viz to come. On recent shark cage diving trips to Seal Island in False Bay‎ we have noticed a large increase of Great White Sharks ranging from mostly new sharks and a few of the old faces too. One shark in particular we have seen a few times on natural predations, scavenges and he has even breached on our decoy seal once or twice. We like to call him chopper due to a large portion of his dorsal fin being chopped off. Up until a couple days ago chopper had never come to the boat but rather focused on hunting around the island instead but the other day he decided to come pay us a visit giving the cage a few passes. Chopper is a rather [...]

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African Shark Eco-Charters Awarded Certificate Of Excellence For 2014

By | May 22nd, 2014|Tour Happening's|

African Shark Eco-Charters would love to extend a big thank you to all our guests for their wonderful reviews! We are delighted to have received a 2014 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, a prestigious award which recognizes businesses that consistently earn top ratings from TripAdvisor travelers! :)     Love Great White Sharks? Want to go on a shark cage diving or breaching trip with people who share your love for them? Then look no further as African Shark Eco-Charters is the perfect choice for you! Here are some reasons why you should choose our company. African Shark Eco-Charters is a top shark cage diving company operating in False Bay and, having been in operation since 1996, we have become true experts in the field. We specialize in shark cage diving, breaching, viewing and filming trips. Great White Sharks  are our life and our love, and we are privileged to be [...]

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African Shark Eco-Charters – And The High Season Begins!

By | May 14th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

May 12th A spectacular start to the official high season for African Shark Eco charters, with Tuesday being the first day back at sea after the storm. Obviously storms make great white sharks happy!!! Or else someone passed on the message that we were waiting for them to become active? Either way, I’m grateful! An early start out of the Simon's Town harbour led to us towing our seal decoy past Seal Island as the sun rose. Almost immediately Rob spotted a surface predation. Racing over to the area we caught the last part of the seals demise, complete with several birds eating on the seals intestines. Ok, yes not everyone’s ideal wake-up call I can admit...but just imagine its spaghetti?! So now we definitely know the sharks are active today, so back to towing our decoy. Then, boom!! What a hit! A complete, powerful, entire body out of the [...]

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Our Great White Peak Season is shortly upon us

By | May 8th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Zamalek and Sat-tag giving the guests what they want as well as good viz and amazing weather... our Great White Shark peak season is shortly upon us!   With spectacular breaches on our decoy seal every few days and some natural predations in the early hours of the morning, Seal Island in False Bay is becoming the place to be for the cold South African winter. On Tuesday the 6th of May we had 10 different Great white sharks pay us a visit here at African Shark Eco Charters. Some were drive bys some stuck around for a while but once again the two sharks that stood out where our famous Zamalek and Sat-tag, both of which were lunging, and going crazy for the baits and the decoy.   On Wednesday the 7th of May it was time to vote here in South Africa but that didn't stop us from [...]

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A sleepy shark week

By | April 15th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Monday 14th April We’ve had a slightly sleepy week with the sharks this week, but although we have not had the same numbers of great white sharks around the boat, we are still lucky enough to have managed to observe some incredible great white shark behaviour. In just one morning, we saw 3 shark predations on seals within a few hundred feet of the boat! Now I’m never quite sure in these situations as to whose side I’m on; the lonesome, cute and playful seal that is splashing around well outside the ‘safe boundaries’ of Seal Island? Or the awesome, silent and majestic great white shark prowling, waiting for an easy meal. The fact that at the moment there are roughly around 15 great white sharks patrolling the 800m Seal Island, makes it highly likely that when we see a seal swimming on its own, the outcome will be an [...]

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“Airjaws” is back with the first breach of the season!

By | April 9th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

At African Shark Eco-Charters  the “AIRJAWS” shark breaching trip is the most popular. It is a combination trip of shark breaching and shark cage diving. The season for AIRJAWS starts in May, but we have been very lucky to have seen our first Breach of the year. Shark Breaching is one of the hunting techniques that great white sharks use to surprise and kill its prey. They breach with such force  and explosive energy that it propels the shark right out of the water.   The best time is just before and at sunrise and mainly at certain  area’s around the island and only for a few months of the year. This behaviour is absolutely awesome to witness in person, and if you are in Cape Town during shark season, then this trip is a “must do”. It is seen nowhere on the planet as regularly as  in False Bay and by  [...]

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Media Make up

By | April 8th, 2014|Interesting Articles, Tour Happening's|

When there is no media stories around, the Media just add lib and make it up. Ok, so I have just read an article entitled ‘Brush with death! Great white shark tries to take a bite out of a group of divers – Divers have described their terror when a great white shark tried to EAT them’. And apologies for using an English expression, but it’s really got my back up. The media have obviously had a slow day in England (it’s from a British tabloid) and have decided to sensationalise the cage-diving industry. They know that shark attacks sell newspapers. And when one hasn’t happened? They just make it up, and put a photo of a great white with rolled back eyes, big teeth and red gums as decoration. For people that do not know about great white sharks or the cage-diving trips, such as the ones we at [...]

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Media Make up

Crazy Airjaws and flying sharks show their stuff

By | April 8th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

So, to all you African Shark Eco Charters fans and Great white shark enthusiasts, it's almost that time of year again when we start to see some crazy Airjaws and flying sharks! On Monday ‎the 7th of April we started off the day with a bang... just off the southern side of Seal Island in False Bay we came across a huge pod of about a thousand Common Dolphin which was quite a treat. Its the same pod of Common Dolphin that we have been seeing over the past few weeks around Seal Island. They seem to be here in False Bay due to the large number of bait fish (Sardines) that are swimming in the warm waters. After the Common Dolphin we continued on towards Seal Island. When we arrived our skipper Rob Lawrence said that the conditions were perfect to tow our little decoy seal also known as [...]

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African Shark Eco-Charters – Our Shark-Proof Cage

By | April 4th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Now that Great White Shark season has officially started here at African Shark Eco-Charters and in False Bay, our boat has been doing almost daily runs to Seal Island, and our Shark Cage has been put to good use.  For all those who are concerned about going into the Shark Cage, I though I would give you some background information on it. Our Cages are designed and made by qualified welders and meet the requirements of the Great White Shark Safety Code of Conduct. The cage is rectangular-shaped and while it is a drifting surface cage, it is secured to the side of the boat with 2 ropes, and an additional rope is attached to the bottom of the cage for stability to stop it from drifting or bobbing in the swell.  Once everyone is onboard and the Blue Pointer 2 is anchored off Seal Island you are fitted in [...]

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