Let’s Talk About It – The Seven-Gill Cow Shark

By | September 6th, 2017|Tour Happening's|

Let’s Talk About It – The Seven-Gill Cow Shark I decided to talk about the Sevengill Cow Shark this week, because against all that is “normal” we have been visited by these pre-historic looking, gentle sharks at Seal Island lately in the absence of our glorious Great Whites. Not to say that it hasn’t been wonderful, it’s just been different, as Cow Sharks tend to spend most of their time in deeper waters and kelp forests, only coming into shallower waters, it is believed, to breed.      This is a cow shark...............................That is not a cow shark                                              They make me think of the sock hand puppets we used to make as children, and though they are wild “animals” and need to be treated with respect, they are about as dangerous. They are called the “pre-historic” shark as a result [...]

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Muscle and Movement of a great white shark

By | April 24th, 2017|Interesting Articles|

Muscle and Movement Did you know sharks can fly? Okay, not really… but the microscopic grooves, or riblets, in shark’s skin inspired the construction of an aeroplane. Did you also know there is a material created that is similar to shark skin to prevent algae settling on the hull of ships? And engineers are attempting to integrate it into hospital coatings on surfaces to reduce infections and bacterial growth. A Great White tends to attack from beneath and behind therefore it needs to be fast and stealthy to catch prey. So let’s delve into Mother Nature’s design into an apex water-based predator. A Great White shark is shaped liked a torpedo – a fusiform body. It is cylindrical in shape with narrowing edges such as the tail and keels, called caudal fins, on the side of the tail which is crescent moon shape. The purpose of this shape of the [...]

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Summing up the surprises of the 2016 white shark season, Seal Island, False Bay

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Summing up the surprises of the 2016 white shark season, Seal Island, False Bay Leigh de Necker   White sharks typically visit False Bay’s Seal Island to take advantage of vulnerable young of the year Cape fur seal pups when they start entering the water to feed. This is generally between March and September, however, this season showed a number of deviations from the expected norms. We took a trip to the Island towards the end of January and before we even had any bait in the water, we had seen a shark. We were beyond excited by the chance of having an early start to the season. This was the first of many unexpected surprises the season had to offer. For February and March, we had amazing shark activity around our boat, seeing an average of 4 sharks a day and still enjoying the late summer, early autumn warm [...]

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The shark-iest reason you will want to visit Cape Town in winter

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The shark-iest reason you will want to visit Cape Town in winter   According to South African tourism statistics, if you are reading this you are possibly doing so from North America, Europe, Australia, India, China or Namibia and that getting out to sea, one way or the other, is on your list of things to do while on vacation in Cape Town.   Locals will tell you that there is always something to do here and they’re not wrong yet despite this, visitor numbers take a hard dive in winter. It seems even the Mother City is not immune to seasonality.   The city has been working tirelessly over the years to change the perception that Cape Town is only a summer vacation destination among regional and international visitors alike.   Here’s a fun fact, the best time to view and dive with sharks in South Africa is in [...]

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Don’t Get Mouthy…

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  Don't get mouthy When you hear the words “Megamouth Shark”, what is the image it conjures? If you think big, nay huge mouth, well then you would be correct. It stands to reason, if it has a huge mouth, it has to have a rather large frame to fit it into, and again you would be correct. This is one of the largest shark species, being out grown only by the likes of Whale Sharks and the controversial Megalodon Sharks. Despite its massive size and mouth, this shark sports very small teeth, as it is a filter feeder, swimming open mouthed through the depths swallowing jellyfish and plankton that are attracted to it by the luminescent photophore surrounding its mouth. It has fleshy “lips” and a broad rounded snout, which has confused some observers into believing that they were in fact seeing a baby killer whale. Little is known [...]

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Talking About Sharks…

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I said before that I wanted to venture into the world of sharks with you, one at a time, learning about their individual characteristics and make up, and thought I would start with an overview of some of the more “outstanding” of the 510 species of shark. I spoke of the Lemon Shark in my previous blog, and also admitted that this is one of my favourite sharks, but there are a whole lot of others that will inspire awe and amazement at their sheer abilities and odd looks! Possibly one of the most vicious looking of all sharks is the Ragged Tooth Shark. They tend to hang out together and feed in the manmade catacombs of ship wrecks! Being most active at night, they stay pretty well hidden until darkness falls. These fearful looking creatures hunt other smaller sharks, bony fish, rays, crustaceans and squid. As scary a predator [...]

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ASEC film announcement – Great White Shark Legend

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We at African Shark Eco-Charters are thrilled to announce the production start of our own feature length documentary, "GREAT WHITE SHARK LEGEND". The film has completed an extensive 18 month pre-production schedule and we can confirm we are now in full production! Great White Shark Legend is being produced and directed by international film-maker Ricardo Lacombe and his wife Rachel, who have worked with us on our various promotional videos. But we're upping our game to bring you a feature documentary, carrying forward our ethos of responsible education and awareness for great whites. Our very own "shark legends" Rob Lawrence and Karen Lawrence are serving as executive producers and cameras are already rolling! This is a fresh, ambitious and bold new look at the world of the beloved Great White Sharks of False Bay and the Cape Area, as well as the community living alongside them - dispelling some myths, offering a personal and [...]

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