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Shark Cage Diving in Simons Town, Cape Town

By | August 22nd, 2015|Tour Happening's|

Today I thought I would keep to the topic of sharks of course, but taking it from a different angle, that of the operators who offer dives out of Simon’s Town, Western Cape. There are a couple of things to remember when embarking on the exciting shark cage dive, but the most important being that these are wild animals, not trained to perform and appear at our behest, but rather they grace us with their presence and we are blessed to be able to see them in their natural environment. 20+Years ago, Rob Lawrence affectionately known as the Shark Legend, with a partner noticed the feeding habits of the Great White Shark off of seal island, and how these majestic creatures would break from the depths into the air in pursuit of their prey. They decided that they would offer shark trips out to seal island to other interested folk, [...]

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Another great Great White Shark…

By | June 12th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

10th June A bout of very bad weather, combined with boat maintenance meant the last week has been very low in terms of hours at sea. Thankfully though our trips today gave me a big dose of apex predator medicine making the world seem right again! With the whole crew itching to get out on the water, the morning’s trip started with relative ease. The sun now rises quite late at around 7.30am over the mountains behind Seal Island, (I know, I know – ‘quite late’ might make you laugh, but when you get up at 5.15am, 7.30 does seem late!) which means we are bobbing around on the ocean in the near darkness. This morning with a light, very cold wind blowing, but a calm sea, we sat around the ‘Launchpad’ with 14 pairs of eyes looking out for natural predations for us to chase. We have noticed however, [...]

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Cage diving with Great White Sharks – a must while in Cape Town

By | September 26th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

Cage diving with Great White Sharks - a must while in Cape Town " What a crazy fun experience! I will start out by saying, if you get motion sickness be sure to take your meds! The sea looked extremely calm on shore but was very different once out where we anchored. The entire crew is very professional and provided good instruction throughout the entire morning. The journey begins with a 25 minute boat ride to Seal Island where you can see thousands of seals and begin to watch for shark kills. After awhile a decoy seal is pulled behind the boat and we were lucky enough to see a Great White Shark attack it which was very neat. We then suited up with our wet suits and all the accessories while the crew lures in Great White Sharks directly next to the boat for the cage diving. The view  [...]

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Dive with Great White Sharks- One Of Oceans Great Secrets

By | June 11th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

Come Dive with great white sharks. A creature that remains one of the ocean’s great secrets. Mysterious, cloaked in myth, superstition and an abundance of bad press, there are few known actual facts about these elusive predators. We do know that they are far more fearsome in our imaginations than in reality. Perhaps it is because we know so little about them that we fear them so irrationally. While we know a lot about their physical characteristics and internal physiology and even a good deal about their feeding behaviour, this is where the knowledge ends.  How much of their behaviour is ‘learned’ in terms of intellect and how much is instinctual remains a great mystery. While great white sharks often display high levels of curiosity, it’s hard to say if this is based on complex intelligence or a more visceral characteristic based on being an opportunistic feeder. The social behaviour of [...]

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