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Some more Wonderful Reviews on Trip Advisor

By | March 21st, 2014|General, Tour Happening's|

Here at African Shark Eco-Charters we love it when our past guests are able to write about their trips on Trip Advisor, it gives our future Guests a chance to see what to expect from their trips with us.  We received the following comments last week from past guests and they all make for wonderful reading.                                               Seal Island At Dawn     “Had A Great Time”    Reviewed 5 March 2014   We loved going out with African Shark Eco-Charters to see the sharks in False Bay. We saw a few sharks, but as it had been very windy the day before, visibility in the shark cage in the water was very poor. They gave us a free voucher for another trip to compensate. I thought this was a really nice gesture and showed a high level of professionalism. The crew was incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the sharks. On the way [...]

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False Bay Shark Cage Diving With African Shark Eco-Charters

By | February 12th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Our Great White Shark season in False Bay has opened up and the African Shark Eco-Charters crew have run around 10 shark cage diving trips so far since the start of our season. We have had some great sightings so far this season, with roughly 3 - 7 Great White Sharks spotted on each trip. Looking for a thrill on your next visit to Cape Town? Join African Shark Eco-Charters on one of our Great White Shark cage diving trip this year and come face-to-face with one of our ocean’s greatest predators. Shark Cage Diving - Simon’s Town The adventure begins in Simon’s Town,  just 45 min from Cape Town. A 20 minute will take you to Seal Island  False Bay. NO QUALIFICATIONS for shark cage diving are necessary! The cage floats just under the surface of the water, and it is situated alongside the boat. Only two enter the cage at a time. We [...]

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Shark Cage Diving Trip Report – 29 January 2014

By | January 29th, 2014|Tour Happening's|

Shark cage diving with African Shark Eco-Charters African Shark Eco-Charters is pleased to announce that the 2014 Great White Shark season has officially opened in False Bay, and we ran our first official shark cage diving trip of the season today. Even though we had good shark activity on our "test run" out to Seal Island last week Thursday, we were still not too sure what to expect for out trip today as it is still so early in the season, but we were extremely hopeful. We had a small group of guests on board with us this morning and even though they were aware that sightings could not be guaranteed, they were all willing to give it a go and were hoping to get a glimpse of our ocean's most feared, yet misunderstood predator. But it all worked out very well in the end and our clients left us feeling very ecstatic [...]

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The Difference between Shark Cage Diving in False Bay to Gansbaai

By | November 7th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

    At African Shark Eco-Charters we love our sharks and taking Guests out to see the Great White Sharks of Seal Island.  Unfortunately in False Bay we have only a 9 month window where this is possible but during that season of February to October, the Shark sightings are spectacular which is why the False Bay is often used by Film Makers and Photographers to film Great White Sharks for their Documentary's, For the rest of the year we recommend that our Guests do their Shark Cage diving from Gansbaai.     Gansbaai  which is located 2.5 hours drive from Cape Town, next door to Hermanus. Off  the  coast of Gansbaai, is a  narrow channel called Shark Alley, which is the open stretch of water between Dyer Island and nearby Geyser Island. This is the most highly populated area in the world for Great White sharks, who hunt from [...]

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Swimming Safely in False Bay this Summer

By | October 22nd, 2013|Tour Happening's|

      With summer on its way and the Great White Sharks moving closer inshore, our shark cage diving season in False Bay has officially come to an end, and African Shark Eco-Charters thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone to keep swimming safely in the water and to obey the Shark Spotter’s Flag Warning System.   Considering the number of people who use the ocean on a daily basis, the actual number of attacks by Great White Sharks is extremely low. People are not the natural prey of the Great White Sharks. Everyone entering the ocean should do so at their own discretion,  knowing that they are entering a wild environment in which sharks  naturally live. We are entering their territory; they are not coming into ours.   Shark Safety Tips If people exercise caution and are aware of their environment, the risk of an attack can [...]

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AIRJAWS Shark Trip – “Amazing trip! Would definitely do again!”

By | August 27th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

“Amazing trip! Would definitely do again!” Reviewed August 21, 2013 NEW "I went on the AirJaws trip last month July with African Shark Eco-Charters and had a great time! The weather hadn't been great for a few days and I was worried about cancellation, but I lucked out and the trip went as planned. The waters were still a bit rough, but the staff really did a great job to make the trip a wonderful experience for everyone. We did have a few seasick people, so I recommend taking some sort of tablet prior to arriving in Simon's Town so you don't spend your trip feeling miserable. I was fine thankfully. I had a lot of time in the cage and saw some huge Great White sharks. The wetsuits provided kept us nice and warm in the winter waters, which I had not been expecting, and they were in great [...]

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African Shark Eco-Charters – “Excellent Performance”

By | August 27th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

  African Shark Eco-Charters - "Excellent Performance" Aug 17, 2013  A TripAdvisor Member " In July 2013 I made with some of the so-called Air Jaws Morning trips. Highly Recommended! After a nice welcome at the pier and a briefing by the crew, it went off. All questions were answered by knowledgeable and friendly team in connection with the tour or generally appeared with the great white sharks. Especially Rob, the owner of the company and skipper of the boat, one notes that he has an incredible experience and knowledge of sharks and, more importantly, has a great passion for these animals. The whole package is easy. From the initial booking via the Internet and on-site support (thanks Tamsyn!) To carry out the tour and the support provided by Rob and his crew was all to my complete satisfaction! My vacation plans for 2014 and run African Shark Eco Charters [...]

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The ‘Flying’ AIRJAWS Great White’s of Seal Island

By | July 31st, 2013|Tour Happening's|

The Unique ‘Flying’ AIRJAWS Great White Sharks of Seal Island   We have had incredible activity the past few weeks at Seal Island in False Bay. The great white sharks have been giving our tourists quite the show. We may make you wake up and get out of bed very early in the morning (and on vacation too!) but I hope it’s worth it to see our famous ‘flying’ sharks hunting seals with a vengeance. Seal Island is the only place in the world where great white sharks consistently jump out of the water as part of their hunting strategy; the unique topography of the island is the most significant contributing factor to this behaviour. The island’s underwater topography goes from being a few meters deep just off shore to dropping dramatically to 18-25 meters almost immediately. The great whites use this deep water around the island to patrol for [...]

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Shark Cage Diving and THE MAGIC OF FALSE BAY

By | March 14th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

Shark Cage Diving and THE MAGIC OF FALSE BAY True passion is when you take what you love and turn it into your work. This is how African Shark Eco-Charters was born...and we want to share this with you. Enjoy the magic of False Bay, from sunrise to sunset, from sharks to dolphins to whales, and join us to share the beauty of the natural world. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugFaN8xC6wk  

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Shark cage diving is best experienced with scuba

By | March 5th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

Shark Cage Diving. African Shark Eco-Charters What makes shark cage diving with African Shark Eco-Charters different? Well, lots of things, but the actual shark cage diving on our boat, the Blue Pointer, is what sets us firmly apart. In the past few weeks I cannot help but notice how many guests have mentioned to me while out on a trip how awesome it is that we offer our shark cage diving with scuba regulators on our trips.  Guests keep revealing to me, especially after they dive, how they can’t imagine as incredible of an adventure if you have to breath hold while in the cage. I couldn't agree more! I’m not a great breath holder(I think I turn blue after about 15 seconds!) and I don’t see how one can thoroughly enjoy the full experience of being underwater with the ocean’s greatest predator when you have to worry about getting [...]

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