Shark cage diving with scuba is best!

Don’t deny it! When you are swimming in the water and a piece of seaweed brushes against your leg you freak out!  This is just a funny caption I found about how a shark might feel!  Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what they were thinking? I think we sometimes feel uneasy in the ocean because it is so vast and unknown. It is not our natural place and we don’t belong as a shark belongs. Viewing great white sharks under the surface of the ocean is so peaceful; their grace and beauty underwater is unexpected and awe-inspiring which makes [...]

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What exactly is chumming?

African Shark Eco-Charters would like to dispel some myths about chumming we heard on Cape Talk radio station yesterday. What exactly is chumming? Chumming is a type of scent trail that that attracts fish, sharks, etc, to an area, or boat. It may be man made or natural.  An example of a natural scent trail is a seal colony, bird colony, a dead whale or seal carcass even dead birds. [pullquote]Another good example of a man made scent trail created when fish are cleaned on a daily basis at a fishing harbour or beach and boats pumping there bulges.[/pullquote]An example of a [...]

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Great White Shark Adventure

Ricardo Lacombe said: “having the opportunity to work alongside the staff and crew of African Shark Eco-Charters is a dream come true. I’ve been a shark geek since the earliest age I can remember,it’s something I feel very passionately about”

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The beautiful shark fin

There is something so evocative about a dorsal fin of a great white shark. I love this pic we took on a trip a few days ago. I love how the fin beautifully and powerfully cuts through the water, causing its own waves. What feelings does this invoke in you? Fear? Respect? Awe? Power? For each person its something different. However, to see a great white in person, is amazing and will certainly change any misconceptions you have. You will come away respecting nature and understanding why people like us are so passionate about these super predators! To book your [...]

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Updating our crew photo’s

We are busy updating our crew pics and I asked Rob to take a pic of  Wellington today. I think this pic of Wellington aka Welly, is a great one. Wellington is the main man when it comes to handling the shark bait and the seal shaped decoy! He likes to name each seal decoy and is very good at judging the sharks behaviour. He is also really good at making sure the great white sharks do not eat our bait. The aim of the bait is to act as an attractant. We do not want the sharks to eat the bait, [...]

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