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Mako Sharks

By | June 21st, 2015|Tour Happening's|

The Mako shark is the fastest swimming shark in the world at 40 kilometres per hour, attaining burst speeds up to 70 kilometres per hour. Most individuals are between 1.5 and 2.5 metres in length but large females up to 4 metres have been previously recorded. This species is found in temperate and tropical (17-22 degree Celsius) waters up to 500 metres in depth. These sharks, like white sharks, are adapted to life in these cool waters and have a heat exchange system in their body that keeps their muscles and internal temperature above that of the surrounding cool waters. This adaptation allows these sharks to maintain a high degree of activity. These sharks are top predators that prey on various fish species as well as sea turtles, dolphins and occasionally marine debris.  Females are slow maturing at approximately 19 years, while males mature much sooner, at 8 years. Between [...]

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Why choose African Shark Eco-Charters for your shark cage diving trip

By | November 26th, 2013|Tour Happening's|

Love Great White Sharks? Want to go on a shark cage diving or breaching trip with people who share your love for them? Then look no further as African Shark Eco-Charters is the perfect choice for you! African Shark Eco-Charters is a top shark cage diving company operating in False Bay and, having been in operation since 1996, we have become true experts in the field. We specialize in shark cage diving, breaching, viewing and filming trips. Great White Sharks  are our life and our love, and we are privileged to be able to share our passion and knowledge with you. African Shark Eco-Charters is owned by shark expert, Rob Lawrence, who has been working with Great White Sharks on a daily basis since 1989, and who launched the first successful Great White Shark eco-tourism operation at Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa. Rob is one of the most experienced [...]

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ASEC film announcement – Great White Shark Legend

By | April 10th, 2013|News Articles, Tour Happening's|

We at African Shark Eco-Charters are thrilled to announce the production start of our own feature length documentary, "GREAT WHITE SHARK LEGEND". The film has completed an extensive 18 month pre-production schedule and we can confirm we are now in full production! Great White Shark Legend is being produced and directed by international film-maker Ricardo Lacombe and his wife Rachel, who have worked with us on our various promotional videos. But we're upping our game to bring you a feature documentary, carrying forward our ethos of responsible education and awareness for great whites. Our very own "shark legends" Rob Lawrence and Karen Lawrence are serving as executive producers and cameras are already rolling! This is a fresh, ambitious and bold new look at the world of the beloved Great White Sharks of False Bay and the Cape Area, as well as the community living alongside them - dispelling some myths, offering a personal and [...]

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“Simply Brilliant!”

By | September 6th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

[pullquote] so glad I did it with African Shark Eco-Charters, will recommend them to anyone who decides to do this! [/pullquote] Very professional while being friendly and felt like a family. It was a pleasure to do the trip with you! Thank you, Rob, Allie and Naomi! Booked a few months before I came out to SA and was very easy and was kept updated to confirm that the trip was on. The trip itself was excellent, saw loads of sharks, had a great dive in the cage, got loads of photos and got humpbacks and dolphins into the price. Cage diving with Great Whites had been no.1 on my bucket list for years and now it's done, so glad I did it with African Shark Eco-Charters, will recommend them to anyone who decides to do this! I was recommended them by a colleague at work who had an equally brilliant [...]

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By | August 14th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

“A trip to remember”[pullquote]HIGHLY RECOMMENDED![/pullquote] Reviewed July 23, 2012 It was one of the highlights on our journey through South Africa,the trip which shouldn't be missed by anyone,especially shark and ocean lovers.Highly experienced crew was wishing to share their love and passion with us very successfully,now we adore sharks even more.Many,many thanks to Captain Rob and his crew,many thanks to lovely Tamsyn too,who was patient enough to fulfill all our wishes. Adventure with ASEC - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


“One of a Kind”

By | August 14th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

“One of a Kind”[pullquote]an amazing experience[/pullquote] Reviewed May 31, 2012 This was an amazing experience. It was not only the sharks that made the trip extraordinary but the excitement of the crew that made this a 'one of a kind' experience. The expertise of captain Rob as well as the crews' passion to give the customer the best time possible makes this charter unbeatable. It would be a shame to use anyone else for a shark dive. Visited March 2012

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An Experience of a Lifetime

By | August 14th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

“An Experience of a Lifetime 23/07/2012”[pullquote]professional, friendly and fun crew[/pullquote] Reviewed July 25, 2012 THANK YOU to Rob and his team for such an unbelievable experience. We were so lucky to have fantastic weather (after a particularly gloomy weekend!), amazing shark sightings and such a professional, friendly and fun crew to take us out as well as a very friendly and patient Tamsyn doing desk duty! I still can't believe how beautiful these creatures are - I now have sharks constantly on the mind and ready to do it again at any chance! It is also a great idea to be connected to air so that we didn’t have to break our viewing time by surfacing for air all the time. Definitely a highlight of my trip to Cape Town and something I would highly recommend to anyone visiting this part of the world. See you next time! Janet Visited [...]

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Great White sharks are back to see you cage diving!

By | June 8th, 2012|News Articles, Tour Happening's|

 Cage Diving and Breaching trips in Simon's Town, South Africa. After a slow May, we've been having positive signs the past week of the great white sharks returning to their favourite cape fur seal hunting grounds, Seal Island, False Bay!  It is clear to us that the sharks are back!  And so, today the rain and wind had little chance of dampening our spirits. Natural predations and kill slicks of Cape Fur Seals have indicated their presence, however, today was the first day in a few weeks we have had the sharks around our boat, Blue Pointer 2, showing their famous curiosity. There is nothing quite like having those ‘men in grey suits’ getting right up close and personal with the guests! Today we were able to cage dive all our guests on board. Everyone got close views of two different sharks that were quite keen to ‘play’ and they stuck around the [...]

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Blue Pointer Shark Diving Boat

By | May 25th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Blue Pointer 2 Here is a lovely pic of our boat the Blue Pointer 2. The Blue Pointer 2 is a custom designed 2006 36ft GECAT marine catamaran. The boat is spacious and is a very good platform to photograph breaching and hunting behaviour. The vessel has a walk around cabin as well as a large viewing deck which provides an alternate angle for filming from a raised vantage point. Being a catamaran, the boat is very stable once on anchor during diving operations. The vessel has an onboard toilet and a separate change room.           We take a maximum of 12 guests per trip. This makes for a very enjoyable shark trip as the boat is not overcrowded.           The boat is powered by two new 2012 4-stroke 300Hp Suzuki outboard motors, which offers more speed, more acceleration and all-round better performance. [...]

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Shark Spotting with Rob Lawrence

By | May 25th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

Rob Lawrence Rob, owner of African Shark Eco-charters is sitting on the viewing platform of the boat busy chatting to guests and shark spotting. Shark Spotting is a very important role for any crew member, as you constantly have to keep a close look out for the great white shark. Great White Sharks can swim incredibly fast and if you are looking in the wrong direction, you may miss out not only seeing  a potential breach, but taking a photo of it as well.

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