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Shark Spotters in False Bay

By | October 16th, 2015|Interesting Articles, Tour Happening's|

Shark Spotters in False Bay – how they keep you and our sharks safe: The Flag System – what does it mean? Red Flag: High Alert! White Flag: Shark has been spotted! Black Flag: Spotting conditions are poor! Green Flag: Spotting conditions are good! Where and when can you find Shark Spotters on Duty? Permanent Beaches (365 days a year): Muizenberg: 8am – 6pm St James/Kalk Bay: 8am – 6pm Fish Hoek: 8am – 6pm (7am – 6.45pm in summer) The Hoek, Noordhoek: 8am – 6pm Caves, Kogel Bay: 8am – 6pm Temporary Beaches (Oct – April: Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays) Clovelly: 10.00am – 5pm Glencairn: 8am – 6pm  

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3 Studies On Great White Sharks In False Bay Completed In 2013

By | December 31st, 2013|Tour Happening's|

False Bay, South Africa is home to one of the World's largest populations of Great White Sharks, and provides a unique setting in which humans and sharks have had to learn how to co-exist. Shark Spotters is a pioneering shark safety programme which improves beach safety in False Bay by means of shark warnings and emergency assistance in the event of a shark incident. The Shark Spotters Programme contributes to research on shark ecology and behaviour, raises public awareness about shark-related issues, and provides employment opportunities and skills development for Shark Spotters. Alison Kock, the Research Manager for Shark Spotters, has spent the past eight years researching the behavior of Great White Sharks in False Bay for her PHD, and during 2013, she has completed three studies on the Great White Sharks along with the help of Save Our Seas. Here are a few interesting findings that resulted from the research of the Great [...]

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Shark Spotters of False Bay

By | November 22nd, 2013|Tour Happening's|

At African Shark Eco-Charters we love to spot sharks from our boat in False Bay. We really get up close and personal with the beautiful Great White Sharks and other sharks of the bay. It is a magical and rewarding experience.  As summer comes to False Bay however the Great White Sharks move away from Seal Island and closer inshore. They are following the fish that are drawn to the bay by the warmer conditions. It is also the time of year when the beaches are full of people enjoying the clean fresh waters of False Bay.  This can lead to the unfortunate event of a Great White mistaking a Swimmer or Surfer for a seal or fish, and tragedy can strike. Fish Hoek Beach - From Shark Spotters Webpage  The Shark Spotters program There is a plan in place to try to stop Shark Attacks on people along our shores. It is called the Shark Spotters program. Coming up to its 10th [...]

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Summer Great White Shark Awareness In Cape Town

By | October 29th, 2012|Tour Happening's|

With summer on its way and the Great White Sharks moving closer inshore, our shark cage diving season in False Bay has officially come to an end, and African Shark Eco-Charters thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone to keep safe in the water and to obey the Shark Spotter's Flag Warning System. Considering the number of people who use the ocean on a daily basis, the actual number of attacks by Great White Sharks is extremely low. People are not the natural prey of the Great White Sharks. Everyone entering the ocean should do so at their own discretion, knowing that they are entering a wild environment in which sharks naturally live. We are entering their territory; they are not coming into ours. Shark Safety Tips If people exercise caution and are aware of their environment, the risk of an attack can be lowered further. Here [...]

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