Shark Cage Diving trip 12 Sept 2012

Shark Cage Diving trip report: Nice full boat of guests. Constant shark action around the boat, and everyone was able to have their shark cage dive. 8-10m visibility which was wonderful. Great weather, great guests made for a memorable trip. Join us for a shark cage diving trip with African Shark Eco-Charters Here is some info about our trips for you to read. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simon's Town is just 40min from Cape Town and the base from where our boat departs early in the morning. A short 20 minute will take you into False Bay, famous for the great white "Flying Sharks", a term used for [...]

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Shark cage diving, what a pleasure!

On our shark cage diving trips, we have being seeing some new great white sharks showing up to our boat some really relaxed animals that are totally comfortable with the cage and the bait. Certain sharks do not like the bait or shark cage and  they  have one look and move off. Others are calm and stay around and interact with us. This is the shark you want to have with guests on the boats and makes for  great shark cage diving. Today we had a really relaxed shark with us, on and off for most of the morning. Great [...]

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Predation Station-False Bay

Predation Station-False Bay Hello Fello Sharkies... This week we did a good number of trip,  seeing some excellent sharks up to the boats. The sharks hunting has been a lot more quieter this week seeing maybe 1 or 2 predations on each morning, which is typical of the sightings in early September. Some of them have been really good to watch and others one hit wonders (this is what we call when a shark has one go at the seal and that's all you see). One particular predation was really good to get to and went on for a long [...]

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“Simply Brilliant!”

[pullquote] so glad I did it with African Shark Eco-Charters, will recommend them to anyone who decides to do this! [/pullquote] Very professional while being friendly and felt like a family. It was a pleasure to do the trip with you! Thank you, Rob, Allie and Naomi! Booked a few months before I came out to SA and was very easy and was kept updated to confirm that the trip was on. The trip itself was excellent, saw loads of sharks, had a great dive in the cage, got loads of photos and got humpbacks and dolphins into the price. Cage [...]

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My favourite thing about Seal Island is…

Shark cage diving? Choose African Shark Eco-Charters. Here is why! My favourite thing about Seal Island is... Of all the things that make Seal Island in False Bay special, one particular aspect stands out for me.  For a few short moments during sunrise each morning the island is alive with the natural predation activity of the great white sharks on the cape fur seals. While some of our guests may not be too thrilled with the very early start in the morning, it becomes well worth it for the opportunity to witness these top predators hunt. Seal Island is so [...]

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“Guys to deal with, definitely!”

“Guys to deal with, definitely![pullquote]”But when you are there, you feel like you are in the family.[/pullquote] Reviewed August 29, 2012 Very professional, efficient, friendly. It was a pleasure to deal with you. Thank you, Rob, Allie (hope the spelling is right), the "new balance" guy (sorry - I do not know your name) and the rest of the crew. You are just great! Rob knows the business - he found sharks quickly. Two other boats joined us in approximately an hour, I guess, because we were in the best location. And the cage had the up-side cover, otherwise I [...]

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