Let’s Discuss Shark Week

It’s always a good idea to understand the origins and rationale behind something if one is going to discuss it, so I decided to look into Shark Week. Shark week started on the 17th July 1988 in an attempt to develop an awareness, respect and as a result, love for the shark. It was started by the Discovery Channel and is held annually between July and September of each year. During the past few years, Shark Week has taken on an entertainment value, sometime positive and other times negative, due to the airing of fictional dramatic programmes, such as Jaws, [...]

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What is chumming?

Seal Island forms a natural chumline for the Great White Sharks in False Bay Chumming is a type of scent trail that that attracts fish, sharks, etc, to an area, or boat. It may be man made or natural. An example of a natural scent trail is a seal colony, bird colony, a dead whale or seal carcass even dead birds. An example of a man made scent trail would be for an example, fisherman using mashed up anchovies/pilchards with marine oil and salt water to attract fish and or small shark species to the boat in order [...]

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Media Make up

When there is no media stories around, the Media just add lib and make it up. Ok, so I have just read an article entitled ‘Brush with death! Great white shark tries to take a bite out of a group of divers – Divers have described their terror when a great white shark tried to EAT them’. And apologies for using an English expression, but it’s really got my back up. The media have obviously had a slow day in England (it’s from a British tabloid) and have decided to sensationalise the cage-diving industry. They know that shark attacks sell [...]

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Our Shark-Proof Cage

Now that Great White Shark season has officially started here at African Shark Eco-Charters and in False Bay, our boat has been doing almost daily runs to Seal Island, and our Shark Cage has been put to good use.  For all those who are concerned about going into the Shark Cage, I though I would give you some background information on it. Our Cages are designed and made by qualified welders and meet the requirements of the Great White Shark Safety Code of Conduct. The cage is rectangular-shaped and while it is a drifting surface cage, it is secured to [...]

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Great White Shark Diving – Tick it off your Bucket List now!!

Love great white sharks? Is it on your Bucket List to do? Want to go on a shark cage diving or breaching trip with people that shares your love for them, then look no further! African Shark Eco-Charters is the top shark cage diving company operating in False Bay, experts since 1996. We specialize in shark cage diving, breaching, viewing and  filming  trips. Great White sharks are our life and our love and we are privileged to be able to share our passion and our knowledge with you. The “AIRJAWS” shark breaching trip is our most popular trip. It is a combination trip of shark breaching and shark cage diving. The season for AIRJAWS starts [...]

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African Shark Eco-Charters Joins WA Shark Cull Protest In Cape Town

African Shark Eco-Charters joined roughly 200 chanting shark cull protestors outside the Cape Town International Convention Centre this morning where Western Australian's Premier, Colin Barnett, was giving a keynote speech for the African Mining Indaba. Following the shark protests against the WA shark cull policy throughout Australia recently, fellow Great White Shark activists in Cape Town decided to show their support against the shark cull policy as well, and to speak up for the sharks that we share across our oceans. There was tight security set up around the CTICC for the Mining Indaba Conference which had prevented the protest group confronting [...]

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Shark Attack Survivor Slams WA Shark Cull

Australian navy diver and shark attack survivor, Paul de Gelder, recently described the Western Australian shark cull as a "stupid" and "knee-jerk reaction". Paul de Gelder lost a leg and a forearm due to an attack by a bull shark while practicing exercises in Sydney Harbour in 2009. But despite his past experience, he continues to speak out in defense of the sharks in our oceans, and has lots to say when it comes to the planned slaughter of sharks in Western Australia with the new shark cull policy. It is always a tragedy when someone loses their life to a [...]

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Shark Attack Survivors Join Together To Help Save Sharks

African Shark Eco-Charters loves it when people take a stand to help save sharks, and we just have to applaud these group of shark attack survivors who have joined together to help save sharks in our oceans. A group of nine shark attack survivors, including Australian navy diver Paul de Gelder, gathered at the United Nations in New York to shed light on the fact that their attackers, including the Great White Shark, desperately need protecting. They have lost legs, arms, and ankle parts, and yet they still believe that our ocean's greatest predators have more to reason to fear the [...]

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Great White Sharks Can Live Up To 70 Years

Great White Sharks were originally thought to only live up to around 25 - 30 years old, but a new study suggests that their lifespan may be far longer than previously thought, and that Great White Sharks may actually live well into their 70's! Previous research relied on counting the growth band pairs on a sharks vertebrae to determine it's age and growth rate, much like counting the rings on a tree, under the assumption that each band was equal to one year. Although, in many cases,  this method is effective and true for part of or all of a specie's life, [...]

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WA Goverment Not Backing Down On Shark Cull Plan, Despite Protests

Photo: A protester holds a sign during the anti-shark culling rally on Saturday. Audience submitted: Peter Best Despite a 4,000-strong crowd which gathered at Cottesloe Beach in Perth this past Saturday to protest the latest controversial shark cull plan, the WA Government says that it will not be backing down on their decision. The shark cull plan - which will only target sharks over three metres according to the WA Government - was announced after seven fatal shark attacks off the WA coast in three years. Protestors gathered to vent their anger about the plan to use baited [...]

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