Predation Station-False Bay

Predation Station-False Bay Hello Fello Sharkies... This week we did a good number of trip,  seeing some excellent sharks up to the boats. The sharks hunting has been a lot more quieter this week seeing maybe 1 or 2 predations on each morning, which is typical of the sightings in early September. Some of them have been really good to watch and others one hit wonders (this is what we call when a shark has one go at the seal and that's all you see). One particular predation was really good to get to and went on for a long [...]

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Shark Cage Diving

Shark Cage Diving is an amazing way to experience being with the great white shark. We love it when guests  start the trip a bit fearful and then leave, saying " wow, those sharks are amazing'. Its great to be able to educate and change negative perceptions into a positive one. Then, by sharing this experience,  are able to pass that forward and change others misconceptions. There are two shark area's. Simon's Town and Gansbaai. During the Summer (October-end January), it is the low- intermediate  season and we would recommend shark cage diving  in Gansbaai instead of Simon's Town (Seal Island, False Bay). Reason being, is that  in False Bay [...]

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Important questions to ask when choosing a shark diving operator.

Going Shark Diving?  But, chosing the right shark diving company is very important. There is more to it than hopping on a boat to see a shark. Here are important questions to ask. Sadly many people dont ask and then regret it later. Here at African Shark Eco-Charters, we believe we offer one of the best trips around. You are booking directly with us and not an agent. There is no middle man, no commission, and no hidden agenda's. We are a family company who love sharks and its not just a job for us.  How many passengers on your boat? Some companies [...]

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“#1 on my bucket list”

“#1 on my bucket list” Reviewed August 28, 2012 I have been a fan of Great Whites since I first saw Shark Week on the Discovery Channel as a kid. With so much anticipation, this was one of the most trip decisions I've made. I was a little overwhelmed with all the different tour companies operating around Cape Town. What made the decision for me was really the website. Specifically, the information about Rob and Karen and their personal passion and investment in the species. Also, the list of questions one should ask when choosing a tour operator. These little [...]

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“Guys to deal with, definitely!”

“Guys to deal with, definitely![pullquote]”But when you are there, you feel like you are in the family.[/pullquote] Reviewed August 29, 2012 Very professional, efficient, friendly. It was a pleasure to deal with you. Thank you, Rob, Allie (hope the spelling is right), the "new balance" guy (sorry - I do not know your name) and the rest of the crew. You are just great! Rob knows the business - he found sharks quickly. Two other boats joined us in approximately an hour, I guess, because we were in the best location. And the cage had the up-side cover, otherwise I [...]

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Watching AIRJAWS from above

We have a very nice viewing platform for our guests to experience watching the great white sharks around the boat, as well as watching the breaching and predation events on our AIRJAWS trips. We offer our guests poncho's to wear as it can be very chilly in the early morning on the water in False Bay. Looks like these guests are having a good time!

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“One of a Kind”

“One of a Kind”[pullquote]an amazing experience[/pullquote] Reviewed May 31, 2012 This was an amazing experience. It was not only the sharks that made the trip extraordinary but the excitement of the crew that made this a 'one of a kind' experience. The expertise of captain Rob as well as the crews' passion to give the customer the best time possible makes this charter unbeatable. It would be a shame to use anyone else for a shark dive. Visited March 2012

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An Experience of a Lifetime

“An Experience of a Lifetime 23/07/2012”[pullquote]professional, friendly and fun crew[/pullquote] Reviewed July 25, 2012 THANK YOU to Rob and his team for such an unbelievable experience. We were so lucky to have fantastic weather (after a particularly gloomy weekend!), amazing shark sightings and such a professional, friendly and fun crew to take us out as well as a very friendly and patient Tamsyn doing desk duty! I still can't believe how beautiful these creatures are - I now have sharks constantly on the mind and ready to do it again at any chance! It is also a great idea to [...]

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“Shark Cage Diving”

“Shark Cage Diving” Reviewed August 3, 2012 Although the waters were a little too merky for diving (we did it anyway and got a single glimpse of a shark underwater), the above water photos and experience were still worth the trip. These guys are excellent at what they do and were able to get us three sharks to "breach" and several more close enough for some great photos.

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Whats so great about the great white shark?

What’s so great about the Great White Shark? There’s something very special about the Great White Shark.  Over 400 species of sharks are known to Science. Each and every one of them is fascinating in its own special way.  Yet in the public’s imagination, only one shark species looms larger than all the others combined….. The Great White! The Great White is a veritable ‘superstar’ among sharks.  It has come to represent the very epitome of sharkiness and is the ‘hands-down’ favorite of virtually every shark enthusiast. What makes the Great White Shark ‘Great’?  I think it comes down to a [...]

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